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A dozen tractor accidents in the region in seven months


This Thursday the last fatality was recorded, a man trapped by the arm of a tractor died on a farm in La Garrovilla

The death of a worker yesterday in La Garrovilla after being trapped by the cultivation arm of a tractor adds to the long list of occupational accidents with this type of vehicle in the region. At least eight accidents related to this machinery have been recorded in the region in the last six months. The causes that are usually pointed out to explain this type of accident are the aging of the tractors, many of them do not have safety bars, which makes them fatal when the tractor overturns, and also the high average age of the users. However, neither of these two circumstances occurred in the accident recorded yesterday in La Garrovilla.

The previous incident before that took place on March 29, when a 37-year-old man was seriously injured after overturning with a tractor on a farm near the Badajoz town of Fuenlabrada de los Montes. The accident took place around 8:40 p.m., at the La Cañada farm, near the aforementioned municipality. He himself, who was not trapped, was the one who alerted the emergency services of what had happened.

On January 13, a 42-year-old worker was run over by a tractor on a farm near Mérida. He suffered a hip fracture and was transferred to the Mérida hospital in a ‘less serious’ condition. A few days earlier, on January 3, a 55-year-old man was seriously injured after being run over by a tractor when he was working on a farm in Valdetorres. He had to be evacuated by helicopter.

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On December 13, a 71-year-old man died when his tractor overturned on a farm near the N-430, in the municipality of Fuenlabrada de los Montes, in La Siberia. And a day before, five people were injured, all minor, in an accident in the municipality of Montánchez in which a car and a tractor collided. And on November 18, an accident between a tractor and a car in Zafra resulted in one less seriously injured person and another slightly.

Another crash was the one that took place on October 28, when a 78-year-old man, a resident of Navalvillar de Pela, was seriously injured in an accident involving a tractor and a car on the N-430 road. The agricultural vehicle entered the road and collided frontally with a car that was traveling on the main road.

And just three days before, on October 25, another man, this 32-year-old man, was seriously injured when he was run over by his own tractor while performing maneuvers near Guadiana. He suffered a dislocated hip and facial trauma.

On October 21, an 87-year-old driver and resident of Fuente del Maestre died when the tractor he was driving suffered an accident in which a truck was also involved. A few weeks earlier, on October 4, a 70-year-old man was injured after being run over by a tractor on a farm near Olivenza. As a result of the accident, he was transferred to the University Hospital of Badajoz in a ‘less serious’ condition with a fracture of the tibia and fibula.

The list is endless. At the end of September, another driver died in an accident in Alburquerque and another was seriously injured when his tractor touched some high-tension cables in Calzadilla de los Barros.

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