Sunday, June 26

A driver to prison for intentionally running over a cyclist in Granada

Photo of an accident between a passenger and a cyclist

Photo of an accident between a passenger and a cyclist

The Court of Instruction number 7 of Granada, this Thursday on guard duty, has decreed the entry into provisional prison, communicated and without bond for the 31-year-old driver arrested after he ran over a 51-year-old cyclist last Sunday morning on a road near Quéntar (Granada) and would run away, leaving the victim seriously injured. He is being investigated for a crime of attempted murder and on the other, against road safety, according to what judicial sources have detailed to Europa Press, after the detainee was made available on Thursday morning and the Civil Guard investigation concluded that He did it on purpose.

For its part, the cyclist continues to be admitted this Thursday in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Traumatology Hospital and his condition is stable within the severity, given the multiple lesions presenting, including a fracture of the pelvis and some vertebrae, as detailed by health sources.

The events happened on July 18 at 08:30, at kilometer 15,950 of the GR-3210 road, in the municipality of Quéntar, when the collision between tourism and cycling, although the investigation carried out by the Civil Guard has determined that “It was not fortuitous” but according to several witnesses the vehicle intentionally impacted against the cyclist, presumably because previously had reproached him for not keeping the safety distance in an overtaking.

As a consequence of the onslaught, the cyclist was thrown falling down a drop of about 30 meters, which caused him serious injuries that kept him hospitalized. The driver of the vehicle fled and from that moment the Civil Guard has been looking for him, as detailed in a note by the Armed Institute.

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It was known, through several witnesses, that it was a red Volkswagen Golf and the Civil Guard reported it to the Local Police in the area, who actively collaborated from the beginning to try to locate the vehicle and its occupants . Finally, it was the Alfacar Local Police, which alerted about a vehicle parked in Víznar, also in Granada, that could match the one you were looking for.

The agents of the Traffic Investigation and Analysis Group of the Civil Guard of Granada went to the place and with the data they had they confirmed that it was the vehicle involved in the events. From there, the investigations of the agents were directed towards the location of the person driving the car at the time the events occurred, ending on Wednesday afternoon, when the Civil Guard arrested him as the alleged perpetrator of the crimes of attempted murder, injuries and against road safety. The detainee has been placed at the disposal of the Court of Instruction of the Guard of Granada this Thursday, which has decreed his entry into prison.

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