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A “drunk” passenger from Spirit Airlines is arrested after attacking the crew in flight

Amanda Renee Henry is accused of assaulting the drunken crew during a flight.

Photo: Nashville Metropolitan Police Department / Courtesy

A An allegedly drunk passenger, who was traveling on the Spirit Airlines airline, was accused of assaulting the crew in mid-flight, after being asked to change seats, according to federal authorities.

Amanda Renee Henry, 43, surrendered to the FBI in Nashville on Tuesday, December 28, after a court order following the flight in which he attacked airline employees.

Henry was sitting in the departure row on the flight from Fort Lauderdale to Nashville when he allegedly started doing “lewd sexual innuendo”Towards the two men sitting next to him, according to a criminal complaint.

Flight attendants told authorities that Henry appeared to be “drunk” and became “furious and belligerent” when the two men asked to change seats.

The passenger began to make “lewd sexual advances.” (Photo: Ethan Miller / Getty Images)

The crew members decided to move Henry to a new seat, since he was sitting next to the emergency exit, according to the complaint.

When one of the flight attendants asked him to change seats, Henry allegedly grabbed his handbag and ran to the front of the plane yelling: “I’m going to get off this plane!”.

Another crew member tried to immobilize Henry after blocking her from reaching the main cabin door, however, she began kicking and hitting the flight attendant, authorities said.

Henry allegedly started beating up another flight attendant who was helping to immobilize her.

The two flight attendants managed to partially restrain Henry in a seat before another passenger, who was an off-duty firefighter, offered to help calm her down.

The firefighter sat with Henry for the remainder of the flight and they eventually landed in Nashville and police came on board to arrest her, according to the complaint.

Amanda Renee Henry was charged at the time by Nashville police with “public intoxication.”

Now, could face up to 20 years in prison if convicted of the count of “federal interference with a flight crew”.

The news of Henry’s charges comes as part of a disturbing trend of mid-flight misbehavior, including from a woman nicknamed “Delta Karen” who assaulted a person last week.

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