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A Espanyol with lights and shadows scores a point in a crazy match in Elche

  • The parrots traced the initial goal from Boyé with two goals from Morlanes and De Tomás in two minutes, but after Benedetto’s 2-2 they ended up asking for the time

  • Vicente Moreno left Martínez Valero limping, after injuring himself while jumping in the intense final minutes

A thousand readings of the tie harvested this Saturday for the Spanish on Elche (2-2). One is that the blue and white team knew how to overcome an adverse score and a bad first half. Another, who did not know how to tie the third consecutive win, which escaped in the final minutes. It would be true to say that two specific errors (a loss of the ball and a bad clearance) prevented the perica party, but whoever emphasizes that Diego Lopez he returned to save his team. The two sides said goodbye with the feeling of having won. And they are right.

Looking for indisputable truths, Espanyol consolidated in the quiet zone of the table with a draw that is not bad after six of six of the two previous days and before a theoretically propitious calendar. Add 5 points more than two years ago at this point, but above all it gives the feeling of being able to compete at all times.

“We leave with the feeling of having lost two points. We have not felt well in the first half, but we have started the second well and by not killing them the victory has escaped”

Manu Morlanes, Espanyol player

This Saturday he had to row against the current in a Martínez Valero in which no one has won yet this season. A rude mistake by David López led to the goal of Lucas Boyé and put the game uphill, but in a brilliant start to the second half Morlanes and Raúl de Tomás they flipped the scoreboard. Elche did not lower his arms either. He went all out for the draw, and when he found it, five minutes from the end, he pushed until he almost achieved the comeback in the last action.

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David López’s mistake

The match started with a goal disallowed for Fidel, whose unchecking began in the clear offside. Elche bet on quick transitions, approaching the rival area with few touches, while Espanyol did not translate possession on occasions. A tactical duel that Lucas Boyé dynamited by stealing the ball from a sleeping David López and connecting an unstoppable whiplash from the edge (m. 23).

Bad news for a Espanyol that had a thick day. Elche did not mind giving the ball to a team lacking depth, with very few ideas and lacking magic until the break. It was up to Vicente Moreno move piece.

David López no longer dressed in the second half, like a dull Wu Lei. Nico Melamed and Morlanes entered, which soon justified the decision. First with a center that Óscar Gil did not impale by centimeters and then with the tie. The Aragonese player received the ball up front, made the necessary space to set the shot and hit an unstoppable right hand for Kiko Casilla (m. 50).

Elche did not expect that exit in a parachute torrent and the tie left him knocked out. So much so that just off center he lost the ball and Pedrosa he crossed from the left for an RDT that, without letting it fall, volleyed to score his fifth goal of the course, the first away from Cornellà (1-2, m. 52).

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Yangel’s bitter debut

Elche had conceded two goals at home this season and two were conceded in less than two minutes. Espanyol was a cyclone for half an hour, but Casilla (helped by the wood in a cabrera auction) kept his team standing and Escribá also knew how to take the helm. The entrance of Dying and Blessed gave another air to his team.

Morente opened a gap for the band and Benedetto added problems in the perica area, until then a fort. A clearance by Cabrera ran into Yangel Herrera (unfortunate debut of his) and allowed Benedetto to beat Diego López at will. Espanyol signed the point, but not Pears Mile, to whom Diego López made an anthological stop point-blank at the last second.

Vicente Moreno, injured

Related news

The anecdote of the day was starred by Vicente Moreno. The Espanyol coach went to the press conference after Escribá, something strange given his status as a visitor, but the limp What he showed when he entered the press room began to explain why. “What has never happened to me as a player … The end of the game has been lived intensely. I have taken a leap, we are not old enough for that and I have had a muscle injury… no more. It’s curious, “explained the Valencian coach, who regretted not having sentenced:” At the beginning of the first half we have not been well and you have that anger, Elche has been better. In the second part we have pasted a change. The pity is that there have been 30 or 35 minutes in which we have done enough to leave the game resolved“.

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Elche – Espanyol (2-2)

ELCHE: Box (6); Barragán (5), Verdú (5), Bigas (5), Mojica (5); Fidel (6), Raúl Guti (6), Mascarell (6), Pastore (5); Lucas P. (6), Boyé (8). Technician: Fran Escribá (7). Changes: Benedetto (8) for Pastore (d. 64); Mumbau (6) by Lucas P. (d. 64); Morente (7) by Mascarell (m. 64); Palacios (sc) by Guti (m. 82); Pere Milla (sc) for Barragán (m. 83).

SPANISH: Diego López (8); OR. Gil (6), Sergi Gómez (6), Cabrera (7), Pedrosa (7); David López (4), Darder (5); Embarba (5), Melendo (6), Wu Lei (4); From Thomas (8). Technician: Vicente Moreno (6). Changes: Morlanes (8) by David L. (d. 46); Melamed (7) by Wu Lei (d. 46); Yangel H. (5) by Darder (m. 67); A. Vidal (5) for Melendo (d. 75); Mérida (sc) by Gil (m. 82).

GOALS: 1-0 (d. 23), Lucas Boyé; 1-1 (m. 50), Morlanes; 1-2 (m. 52), De Tomás; 2-2 (m. 84), Benedetto.

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