Wednesday, October 27

A family takes care of the baby who was admitted to the ICU with serious injuries

Although in the first hours there was fear of a fatal outcome, the efforts of the medical staff of the General Hospital have reversed the situation in less than a month and the little one has been able to get ahead thanks to the favorable evolution he has had in the ICU.

Meanwhile, the Court of Instruction number 9 of Alicante continues with the proceedings to clarify the circumstances in which the baby suffered the serious injuries and the boy’s father is still in the Fontcalent prison. The father, a 22-year-old young man, has been imprisoned since May 29 and is initially being investigated as alleged perpetrator of the crimes of attempted murder Y omission of the duty of relief.

The same day that the father was imprisoned, the mother of the baby, also 22 years old and defended by the lawyer Rebeca GarcĂ­a Serna, was put in provisional release accused of a crime of omission of the duty of relief and a restraining order for the baby was agreed.


The court also withdrew parental authority And the baby has since been under the guardianship of the Generalitat and since this Friday at the home of a host family.

The parents’ arrest was carried out at the end of May after the Alicante General Hospital alerted the National Police to the admission of a seven-month-old baby who had injuries that did not seem compatible with the domestic accident described by his parents. According to the version given by the parents, the father was with the baby sleeping on the sofa at home when the little one fell and hit a toy.

According to police sources after the arrests, the baby had significant internal injuries, such as broken ribs and damaged internal organs.

A doctor from the ICU informed the Police after the baby was admitted that he had a perforated abdomen and the investigators reflected in their report that the baby also had bruises that did not appear to correspond to the day of admission at the General Hospital, as well as various “colorations that indicate several days of evolution.”

The defense of the imprisoned father has been assumed by the lawyer Francisco Miguel Galiana Botella and some photographs and videos taken the same day the baby was admitted to the ICU have been contributed to the case, all to try to show that the child did not present injuries prior to the “domestic accident” and therefore it would not be a case of continued mistreatment, as is considered in the police and judicial investigation.

For its part, the defense of the mother of the 7-month-old child also maintains that she did not commit an omission of the duty of relief. The mother came from work and when she breastfed him and began to vomit, she decided to immediately transfer the son to the Emergency Department of the General Hospital of Alicante.

The court plans to carry out further proceedings to clarify the circumstances in which the serious injuries that almost cost the baby his life occurred.

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