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A femur to clarify the death of Juana after almost 20 years missing




The family already has an answer, albeit half, of what happened more than 19 years ago. Juana Canal Luque has been deceased since she disappeared and, at least part of her body, was in the Sierra de Ávila, a hundred kilometers from her house, in Ciudad Lineal. she was one of those ‘cold cases’ (open cases) that was about to prescribe. Now, the National Police has just one femur from the victim and seven months to determine what happened to Juani: if she was a victim of gender-based violence or if it was a voluntary flight that ended in the worst way.

We must go back to February 22, 2003 to date the disappearance of this woman, who was then 38 years old.

In December 2019, a hiker who was walking through the mountainous area of ​​Ávila came across a bone, which seemed human to him. The
Civil Guard
he sent the piece, a femur, to his laboratory of the Criminalistics Service. At the beginning of 2020, the DNA analysis gave results: they coincided with those of the missing persons database, it was a bone of Juana Canal Luque. The report was sent to the court, which determined that the investigation should continue at the hands of the group of Disappeared of the National Police, which already has it in its hands.

Sources of the case, however, specify that it will be difficult to determine the truth. Because the only thing we have is a part of the body, the aforementioned femur, on which an autopsy cannot be performed to determine the cause of death. Of course, everything indicates that this occurred very shortly after losing sight of the ill-fated woman.

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Your partner’s note

Let’s go back to February 22, 2003. Juana had been divorced for some time, her eldest son, Sergio, lived with her and her new partner, Jesús; and the youngest Óscar, with his ex in Valencia. She had gotten a new job and they had moved to live in the area of ​​La Elipain the district of Ciudad Lineal.

The night of cars, Sergio spent it at his uncle’s house. Returning to her home, he found it empty. But there was a handwritten note from Jesus: “Your mother and I had a big argument and she ran away. I have gone out looking for her, but I have not found her », read the brief letter. The woman had left without a bag, wallet, documentation or mobile phone.

The young man notified his uncles and they filed the corresponding complaint at the district police station: a woman with blond curls, born in 1965, blue eyes, very slim complexion, 48 kilos and 1.60 tall.

It is true that Juana had a somewhat complicated past, with problems with alcohol and depression. But her family always suspected that it was a voluntary escape. Juana was very attached to her children, she had overcome all personal conflicts and she was very surprised that everything happened precisely on the night that Sergio did not sleep at home.

Eyes quickly turned to Jesus. The victim’s partner collaborated very little in the investigation and washed his hands of the matter. The
National Police
as the investigation progressed, she became more convinced that one of the leading hypotheses was a case of gender violence; but not enough evidence was found to prosecute him.

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Notices were given, through different sources, that she had been seen in a bar in the Pilar neighborhood, a swinger, which it was said she frequented. But she didn’t get anywhere.

Calella and Torrevieja

Their possible presence in the coastal towns of Calella (Barcelona) and Torrevieja (Alicante) was also investigated, which led the Civil Guard to intervene in the case. No results in any of the cases. At the same time, a voluntary disappearance was not ruled out.

Parallel, relatives filled Madrid and surroundings with photos of the woman. They moved continuously for years, resorting to the media, trying not to let the case fall into oblivion… Until now.

At this point, investigators must decide how to proceed with the case. It has not transpired if there was, in 2003, viewing of cameras, geolocation of telephones or interviews with third parties outside their sentimental and family environment. One of the questions will be to determine if they will question Jesus again, the one who at that time was his partner.

61 disappearances a day

The National Center for the Disappeared, from the Ministry of the Interior, indicates that from 2009 to 2021 belonging to the Ministry there are 5,411 active cases. This is reflected in its latest annual report. In 2021, 22,285 complaints were filed; that is, 61 people every day in Spain.

90 percent of the cases were resolved throughout 2021 itself and 83 percent of them during the first fifteen days, the document points out, as reported by ABC. As of December 31, 1,928 cases of the total complaints filed in 2021 remained active, almost 5% more than in 2020 and 2019. As for the most common profile, 66% correspond to minors.

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