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A Ferrari F40 with 1,000 hp: a compelling reason to move forward with synthetic fuels

In the steps that the European Union to ban the sale of combustion engines beyond 2035, an exception was made: the possibility of using synthetic fuels. A small way with which they want to keep these propellants alive.

However, as we told you at Xataka, it is very likely that these combustion engines are as rare to see as a unicorn. Although Porsche is investing large amounts of money, the European Union requires that these synthetic fuels do not expel polluting particles (which has not been achieved at the moment) and the development of the Euro 7 standard will stifle their possibilities.

Unless, of course, one wants to pay the premium for a vehicle of this type and then feed it. Although better we should say: that one can pay the premium. Because everything indicates that these vehicles will be relegated to very exclusive pieces that only a handful of highly wealthy fans will be able to enjoy.

Ferrari F40 Competition2

A Ferrari F40 as the best example

The Ferrari F40 is automotive history. In 1988when production began, the brand was not going through a good time, Enzo Ferrari was close to living his last days and, competitively, the company was being overtaken on the circuits, a place where they had always shone.

Aware that they needed to hit the table, Enzo Ferrari commissioned his engineers to produce a unique jewel that would demonstrate all the potential they had in their hands. From the gates of Maranello came the Ferrari F40, a sharp-engined supercar 2.9-litre V8 with 478 hp which demanded exceptional work from its pilots.

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The Ferrari F40 was born as a very exclusive model. They came to be manufactured 1,315 units and part of its charm was in the purity of the concept. He had bet everything on lowering its weight (the first units used plexiglass in their windows and lacked sound equipment) and get rid of any superfluous addition. It is, in its own right, one of the most beloved Ferraris by fans.

Now, a very special unit is for sale in Europe, by RM Sotheby’s, an auction house specializing in luxury goods. Their price is not known, since it is necessary to request them previously.

Ferrari F40 Competition4

Ferrari F40 Competition5

What we do know is that this edition is not about a normal Ferrari F40. It’s one of those “Competition” versions, a model to use that was transformed by the Kroymans sports branch to take it to the circuit. At that time, the engine was left intact, but suspension, brakes, instrumentation and bodywork were painted yellow. G-Tex, a British company, worked on the car in 1995, modifying its engine, taking it to 700 hp. In subsequent years, the unit changed hands but continued to compete.

Ferrari F40 Competition3

Ferrari F40 Competition6

And for a short time, the car was in Maranello, where the Zanasi group has carried out a complete restoration with which it has obtained that peculiar Grigio Nardo gray and which has cost 123,000 euros. He assures that now, depending on the chosen configuration, this peculiar Ferrari F40 develops between 700 and 1,000 CV.

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From Il Cavallino to Purosagre: the history of Ferrari is an eternal conflict between tradition and modernity

Although the auction is about to take place, it is estimated that the car could cost its new owner around Two millions of euros. Especially considering the extensive renovation it just received.

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