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A former bodyguard of Britney Spears gave sad statements about how the singer lived

Former bodyguard of Britney Spears gave sad statements about the controlled life that the singer had.

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Many of the people who were part of the circle of employees of the princess of pop, Britney Spears: representatives, assistants, stylists or bodyguard, have broken their silence in recent weeks to offer their opinion about the legal guardianship that she is trying to put an end to now and explain what the singer’s daily life was like, according to what each of them was able to witness at the time. So one of his Former bodyguard who was very fond of her, gave some sad statements about the artist.

Fernando Flores placeholder image, who was hired to be part of the security device of the interpreter of ‘Toxic’ in 2010, affirms that Britney Spears She was monitored 24 hours a day during the time she worked for her and she was prevented from leaving the house alone. In the sad statements that the former bodyguard gave, also stated that everyone who visited her in her own home was subjected to a search and the artist also had to hand over her mobile phone so that others could review her call and message log.

Flores, who ended up resigning from his post eight months later, recalled that a woman whose identity he does not know came to the artist’s mansion every Friday to deliver medicine. “I explained to Britney Spears what each thing was: three antipsychotics and contraceptive pills ”, he explained in terribly sad statements the former bodyguard to The Sun newspaper, in which he has described the singer as a person with strong mood swings. “She went from being sane to talking about parallel universes.”

According the testimony of former bodyguard, Britney Spears kept in daily contact with about Father Jamie Spears, who to this day continues to control his financial affairs, and would always burst into tears when he hung up the phone.
“Jamie called three or four times a day to check on what was going on. Yes Britney he wanted something, he had to ask his permission. She spent her days watching television, or exercising. When I was depressed, I would cry while listening to ‘It’s A Man’s World’ by James Brown, “said the Fernando Flores placeholder image.

Just yesterday, the documentary for which Britney Spears spent two weeks crying, Framing Britney Spears, yesterday took two nominations for the Emmy Awards. Same that will take place in September of this year. It came out on Hulu and on FX and was done by the New York Times. Let us remember that it exposed the truth of everything that Britney has suffered in terms of her legal guardianship and all the inconveniences and mistreatments that she has allegedly lived under the care of her own guardians, especially of about Father Jamie Spears.

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