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A fugitive murderer lived in a lost farmhouse with a woman and her daughter, oblivious to his history




“It can not be, it can not be”. Disbelief gave way to fear when the policemen told Ramón Morte’s partner who the person they had lived with for years and whom she knew by another name and with an invented life was. Morte, 46, one of the most wanted fugitives in Spain, has fallen in Barcelona in a joint operation between the National Police and the Mossos d’Esquadra. The individual murdered an employee of a Tarragona company in 2002 during a robbery and had been giving the justice a slip for almost eight years. They have found him sheltering in a farmhouse with difficult access in Castellvi de la Marca (Barcelona), from where the persecuted person left a few hours a day and always with caution.

His fugitive adventures lasted until the last minute. When the agents were going to search the farmhouse, he took the opportunity to escape through a back door and take refuge in a nearby forest with his sentimental partner. After an extensive device, which even had the support of aerial means with thermal cameras, he was located and detained when he was in the nearby town of La Múnia, waiting to be picked up by relatives to take him to an unknown place.

Morte González is the alleged perpetrator of a homicide committed in 2002, when he shot an employee of a Tarragona company in the head during a robbery. He had a network of personal and family ties that facilitated his financial maintenance and helped him hide. Considered one of the most wanted fugitives in Spain due to his long history as a fugitive and the characteristics of the crime committed, he had in force a search warrant, arrest and entry into prison for intentional homicide in addition to two claims for search, detention and personification for robbery with violence, and he had been missing since 2012 when he fled justice after being sentenced to 25 years in prison for the murder of the worker.

The investigation began in July 2017, when the agents became aware of the validity of the judicial claim requesting collaboration to find the whereabouts of a man who had disappeared since 2012, for whom there were four judicial claims, including the murder.

On July 25, 2002, the man now detained, along with two other people, stole a car in Garraf (Barcelona). Covered with ski masks and armed with a sawed-off shotgun and a revolver, they committed a robbery at a company in the Polígono Entrevías de Tarragona. During the assault, they demanded that the workers fall to the ground while seizing the cash.

After taking the loot and before they got into the vehicle, a man jumped on one of them causing them both to fall to the ground and during the struggle managed to strip him of his ski mask. Given all this, the now arrested approached the scene and fired the sawed-off shotgun at the head of the worker. He died that same day.

The robbers managed to escape. It took nine years for that murder to be fully clarified, thanks to advances in forensic investigation techniques and the current tools available to the Police. The lofoscopic fingerprints collected in the ocular inspection resulted in the identification of one of the authors. Likewise, the balaclava that the victim took from one of the robbers was re-analyzed and, given the improvement in techniques for obtaining genetic markers, the DNA of another of the perpetrators of the assault was obtained. All these advances and the new investigations made it possible to demonstrate that this criminal organization had committed more than 79 robberies with firearms, as well as the death of three other people.

Two of them were located in the Alicante town of Villena, after having fled from L’Hospitalet de Llobregat after being released from prison, where they were serving a sentence for having participated in a brawl between families of gypsy ethnic groups in which there had been 3 deaths.

A third member was later located in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, where he lived intermittently, and detained after offering great resistance to the agents. The fourth and fifth members were detained at the Can Brians I Penitentiary Center, where they were serving long sentences for other acts.

Already in the last phase and in Tarragona they managed to arrest the fence that had acquired the objects stolen from the interior of the tourism used to perpetrate the robbery and murder, in exchange for drugs provided to the group of 5 robbers. The five members of the armed criminal group were charged with murder, robbery with violence and intimidation, criminal association, vehicle theft and illegal possession of weapons. On the sixth, drug trafficking and reception.

Morte entered preventive prison, but was released pending trial. He was never seen again nor did he serve a single day of the 25 years in prison to which he was sentenced for vehicle theft, robbery with intimidation, homicide and illegal possession of weapons, with disguise and recidivism.

He was not listed as the owner of any property or vehicle and he did not have a known job, so he used people around him to survive with the sole purpose of going unnoticed and not leaving any trace that would allow him to be located.

Later in the investigations, the agents learned that several members of his family environment owned several farms in different locations in the province of Barcelona. After carrying out several checks in these areas, the researchers were able to verify that the current couple of the fugitive lived in an isolated farmhouse.

The agents have been able to verify that, for many years, he impersonated another person, deceiving even his current romantic partner and her daughter, who were stunned to learn his true identity and his violent background.

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