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A fundamental lesson, by Enrique Ballester

You can know how a child will face adult life in a very simple way. It is enough to observe an excursion to a theatrical function: there are those who raise their hands when they ask for a volunteer to go on stage and there are those who spend the work suffering in case the magician chooses us from the crowd and we have to interact. There is no more: this original division lasts in time whatever the age.

In fact, I recently went to the circus with my children and the same thing happened again: two hours fearing that a clown would approach me, that the spotlights would point at me, two hours with that feeling of criminal anguish. My daughter would sit next to me and she, on the other hand, is one of those who hears music and goes out to dance. Delia It has always been that way and will continue to do so. It is curious to see the natural tendency in your children, because it is something that does not depend on you and you will hardly change. As with your team’s signings, you’d better make an effort to understand and just accept them. It is the only way to live with some peace, at home or in the stadium, because you will have to love them the same.

My son, for his part, is yet to settle, he is still at that age. At the age of five, he leaves brushstrokes that are not bad, indications that invite us to think that, unlike his father, he is on the right track and will soon wake up. Last month a new football course began and the coaches, to give them a conversation in the previous one, asked the children who their favorite player in the Eurocup had been. Teo, as he told us later, thought ‘oh, that’s bad, they’re going to catch me’. My son felt a lethal panic because he had no idea about it, because he still does not follow football with such attention. However, he heard a couple of colleagues answering ‘Gerard Moreno‘at the top of his lungs, and to everyone it seemed perfect, so when it was his turn he did not hesitate, and Teo said’Gerard Moreno‘ like a champion. Later, when he finished training and my father picked him up, he didn’t have time to ask, ‘Hey, who is Gerard Moreno?’ It was the first thing he blurted out.

Worst defense

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Perhaps to avoid another similar burden, or something similar to pride, I notice that Teo now looks more at the names of the footballers, on the stickers and on television, than before football was for him Cucurella and ten more, as you know, because he liked the hair and the name and that’s it. Now he sits in front of the TV for a while and repeats the names the announcer pronounces. Rodri! Eric! Gavi! Ferran! The strategy is good but it hides cracks to watch out for. The other night he yelled Supar! And we didn’t know who Supar was, and I went through the lineup ten times on Livescore until I rewound the game and heard them say, ‘He’s leaving his pair. My son thought they were saying ‘He’s leaving Supar’ and I obviously didn’t correct the mistake.

With all logic, my mind linked that moment with Gerard and I told Teo that if his coaches asked him again, if they told him what the worst defense was, he would answer ‘Supar’, because forwards always leave their pair . Since then my son lives in lies because also, when we are playing, I remind him how bad Supar is, he is not going to forget him. At times I feel remorse and I feel a little bad, but I can’t find the way or the opportunity to rectify it. I justify myself by thinking that I am giving him a fundamental lesson: being an idiot is something that also lasts over time, often and more so in football, whatever the age.

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