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A future between Koeman and Xavi

  • The name of the Barça coach does not appear in the electoral debate to attract voters

  • Joan Laporta bets on Koeman and moves away from Xavi, the axis of Víctor Font’s candidacy

  • The former president refuses to give names, while the businessman already has an organization chart working

The name of the Barça coach is not the meat of electoral debate. Not a hook to attract voters. It is one of the novelties of the elections called in 2020 that will be consummated in 2021. The delay in the convocation of the president of the Manager, plus the second delay forced by the restrictions of the pandemic have guaranteed the position to Ronald Koeman until the end of the season. Beyond the fact that the work of the Dutch coach has been commendable, revitalizing veterans and reinforcing young people.

Another matter is what happens the July 1. The identity of the future coach gravitates in two names: Ronald Koeman and Xavi Hernandez. The visible heads of the projects.

Indirect reinforcement

Joan Laporta reinforced his bet by the Dutch technician. Not so much because of the words of support that he expressed towards the Wembley hero as because of the distance he scored with Xavi. “It is not in my proposal”, he sentenced. He is in Font, which has been flying the flag of the former Terrassa player from day one, placing him at the top of the organization chart. First as a coach; then, when checking the positive evolution of the team, he rectified, placing him as general manager, extending Koeman’s time credit.

Font has Xavi at the head of the organization chart as general manager while Koeman is

“With the Machine [apodo de Xavi, por lo mucho que utiliza él esa expresión] the relationship is very good, apart from the fact that it seems to be in another candidacy although I have seen half denials. Another thing is that he thinks that in the short or medium term he has to be the Barça coach, “Laporta explained in the program The world at RAC 1.

They think the same about the candidacy of Toni Freixa. «Xavi meets all the parameters to be a Barça coach », understands Lluís Carreras, its football director, that he only doubts the moment when the Barça brain can return to the club.

Carreras endorsed in December and now guarantees Koeman’s continuity until the end of the season and guarantees him maximum support. “If we go in, our structure will help him and he has to allow himself to be helped by the methodological department, recruitment department and the sports director” to lay the foundations for the ideological reconstruction of Barça.

Evaluation to Koeman

“Koeman knows we evaluated him,” Carreras says. “To him and to all,” he says in preparation for the electoral race to turn around. The favorite, according to polls, sees in Koeman the reincarnation of Frank Rijkaard in 2003. Koeman was not signed then due to the inability to pay Ajax to release him from his contract.

“Rijkaard laid the foundations and Guardiola achieved excellence.” The parallelism that Laporta thinks with Koeman and Xavi

It may interest you

“Rijkaard laid the foundations and Pep Guardiola later achieved excellence,” Laporta evoked, verbalizing the parallelism he draws. Now the club needs “experience” and Xavi should cover “a little more route” as a coach. Nor did he want to comment on Jordi Cruyff, another of Font’s mainstays. “I do not have commitments with anyone nor do I want to have them,” he said, avoiding the use of names as an electoral claim.

Font, on the other hand, has designed the organization chart -He already presented it- with names and surnames that are working in the shadows, preparing for when March 8 arrives.

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