Monday, October 25

A gang assaults more than one hundred companies in Alicante, Valencia and Murcia respecting the curfew

Recording of the thieves during one of the robberies clarified.

Recording of the thieves during one of the robberies clarified.

Two hours of full criminal activity and at ten at night at home to respect the curfew and not be intercepted for breaching the mobility restrictions because of covid-19. This is how a gang of Kosovar origin operated that has been dismantled by the National Police and the Civil Guard under the accusation of raid 131 industrial buildings since last year in the provinces of Alicante, Valencia and Murcia. Investigators have detained six people between the ages of 39 and 48, all of Kosovar origin except one who is from Bulgaria. The suspects were intercepted at a checkpoint in Crevillent and one of them rammed his car into the device to try to flee and three officers were injured. The investigators put the value of the effects stolen from the companies attacked by the gang, whose members resided in Torrevieja, Los Montesinos and Catral, at 443,000 euros.

The investigations, carried out by the Specialized and Violent Crime Unit (UDEV) of the Elche Police and the Civil Guard of Crevillent, began last September and were unified by both bodies after the data of a vehicle coincided in their investigations suspect who had been detected in some assaults on industrial warehouses.

The six detainees, five of them assisted by the lawyers Francisco Miguel Galiana Botella and José Manuel Alamán, entered prison two weeks ago after passing at the disposal of the investigating court number 4 of Elche. One of those implicated was claimed to be extradited to Belgium for robbery with violence and intimidation.

Two agents with the effects intervened after arresting the gang of thieves.

Although the report delivered to the court includes the accusation of almost fifty assaults, the Civil Guard and the National Police reported yesterday that the arrest of the gang has allowed the clarification of 131 crimes of robbery with force inside industrial warehouses of the provinces of Alicante, Valencia and Murcia. In addition to the assaults, they are accused of other crimes of vehicle theft, document forgery, money laundering, belonging to a criminal organization and against road safety.

The Security Forces analyzed several complaints of robberies inside industrial buildings, some of them by the butron procedure, and the investigators concluded that, according to the “modus operandi” and the time slots of the events, most of the reported assaults had been committed by the same gang.

The agents found out that part of the group resided in Los Montesinos and normally committed the robberies between eight in the afternoon and ten at night to avoid breaking the curfew due to the coronavirus.

In that margin of just two hours, those involved were capable of executing two to three robberies in companies in industrial estates.

The thieves traveled in two vehicles, one of which acted as a shuttle to alert the other of possible police controls, and to access the interior of the ships they used maces, radials and even mechanical hammers.

The assailants planned their robberies well and once they stole money and other valuables, they fled using routes that were changing to try not to be discovered, in addition to communicating with traditional walkie talkies in order to avoid being detected by the Security forces.

However, two weeks ago they were intercepted at a police checkpoint in Crevillent when they were traveling in two vehicles. The driver of one of them violently attacked the cars and officers, causing minor injuries to three of them and damage to three official vehicles.

The detainees were arrested when they returned from a robbery in Lorquí (Murcia) and a laptop and 2,400 euros of said assault intervened in the vehicles. They also carried a briefcase with a jammer, fake license plates, mallets, radials, two axes, and a ladder.

In addition to the arrests, four searches were carried out at the homes of those implicated in Torrevieja, Los Montesinos and Catral and another three in their own garages.

The investigators intervened in these searches numerous tools to commit the robberies, computers, 1,393 euros, gloves, balaclavas and the four vehicles used by the gang for the assaults.

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