Tuesday, October 19

A gesture of victory before Congress for the euthanasia law

María Luisa Carcedo and Ángel Hernández.

María Luisa Carcedo and Ángel Hernández.

Through a mobile screen, at the door of the Congress of Deputies, Ángel Hernández listened this Thursday to the president of the Lower House, Meritxell Batet, announce the approval of the euthanasia law. With his fist clenched in victory, the man who more than a year and a half ago became the face of the fight to regulate assisted suicide, celebrated this step. “I’m very excited and very happy,” he acknowledged seconds later, her eyes red with emotion.

Hernandez, what In April 2019, he came to the fore for having helped his wife, María José Carrasco, die, terminally ill, received the decision of Congress together with several spokesmen for the Right to Die Dignity association who, under the watchful eye of the lions that preside over the Plaza de las Cortes, broke into applause. “What joy!” Was heard as the expressions of affection, with the distances typical of the pandemic, began to emerge.

We are going to have a law that anyone who needs it can take advantage of. That’s why we did it“Hernández said a few minutes later, with the emotion still breaking his voice. That” we did it “referred to the video that he recorded with his wife explaining the situation she was in and documenting the moment in which he gave her a lethal substance.

“The taboo of death”

To the emotion of Hernández Javier Velasco, president of the Right to Die Dignity association joined that valued the 36 years of struggle that they carry behind their backs so that “Spanish society overcome the taboo of death” and that people can die without being “forced into unbearable suffering”. Just when Velasco finished saying these words, a hundred protesters who gathered before Congress unfolded a banner that read “My life is mine.”

Then the spokespersons of the parties that supported the law in Congress came out to applaud the association’s spokespersons and immortalize the moment with a photograph on the steps of the Lower House. A very different picture from what had been experienced hours before, when an anti-euthanasia group went to the Plaza de las Cortes with their faces covered with the popular mask of Salvador Dali and carrying black flags with a pirate skull on two crossbones. Shouting “progress is not killing”, the hundreds of protesters were received by Vox leaders who, together with the PP, voted against.

Also the president of the Colegial Medical Organization, Serafín Romero, described the approval of this law as “especially sad” for being contrary to the “essence” of medicine and asked to respect the conscientious objection of the doctors.


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