Thursday, December 9

A government at mass and ringing

Pedro Sánchez, President of the Government.

Pedro Sánchez, President of the Government.

The lack of electricity they were going to solve it in two kicks and with a decree some of those who today exercise the Government in Spain. Now that they can finally do so, they are powerless to curb the receipt, which is skyrocketing to heights rarely reached before. The reality does not stop annoying the rulers.

The majority of the Council of ministers admit that the problem cannot be solved One day to another. The contracting party of the second part, however, insists that the matter has an easy solution; and, to begin with, he already threatens the call of a few demonstrations in the street. It is what was formerly known how to be at mass (or in the Government) and at the same time ringing the bells.

Take to the street to intimidate the receipt of electricity is something like demonstrating in favor of a greater number of sunny days in the north of the Peninsula, unjustly ignored in the distribution of solar rays. It does not seem that the electricity companies are going to be much moved by this kind of lay prayers, although you never know.

Perhaps it happens that the heart of populism, so tightly represented by Podemos, consists in offering simple – if not simplistic – solutions to complex problems. It is an irresistible offer for many voters, although it has the disadvantage that its promoters may ever come to power.

If any economic matter requires the advice of professors, experts and even Nobel Prizes To face it, the one of the electrical tariffs already requires the advice of the theologians. Nobody ignores that the light is a mystery since the Most High decided to flip the switch. “God said: be the light; and it was the light. And God saw that the light was good; and separated the light from the darkness. The biblical chronicles of Genesis say so and they must be referred to.

Nobody thought of collecting it during those auroral years of the Universe, as is natural. Would still have to happen many moons so that the electricity companies were born and put a market price on the fluid coming out of the plug.

The mystery now consists in finding out to which concepts the electricity bill responds, in which only a minor part is the consumption of kilowatts itself. The rest are tolls, CO2 payments, environmental offsets, taxes and everything out there. Too much complication for rulers who, when they only aspired to be, still believed in the magical and even theological virtues of a decree in the State official newsletter.

Now that they find it necessary to decipher the theology of the markets, the government leaders of the contracting party of the second part observe, devastated, that the BOE is not enough to lower the prices of electricity at a stroke. You have to spin very fine in a business where, logically, there are many plugs former presidents and former party ministers very diverse. The shock hazard is also very high, given the abundance of cables typical of such an industry.

Only in this way is it explained that his first and perhaps only reaction to the rise in tariffs it is to take the protesters out into the street as if it were one of those old processions to impetrate the rain in times of drought. Something liturgical has, of course, that of being commanding the Government and ringing in the demonstration.

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