Friday, May 27

A great CN Mataró falls in the final of the Len Trophy

Kinef Kirishi, Astralpool Sabadell’s executioner in the semifinals, takes the title against the Vallesan club, which did not give up until the end

The Kinef kirishi has won this Sunday his first LEN water polo trophy when defeating (8-10) a great CN Mataró Goufone who kept the options of giving the big surprise until the final minutes.

The Russians, who had a four-goal lead (3-7) in the third quarter, they did not claim victory until 54 seconds from the end Markoch made the final 8-10 after Anni Espar They made a penalty at 8-9 with a minute and a half to go.

The final started as I wanted Dani ballart, with the team well established in defense and containing a rival that in the semifinals scored 18 goals to Astralpool Sabadell. It took almost eleven minutes for the Kinef Kirishi to beat the Maria Helena Sanchez.

Good Catalan start

Sevenich opened the scoring two minutes from the end of the first quarter and Aznar It gave the second advantage (2-1) to the Mataroni in the second period. If the difference was not greater for the Catalans, it was thanks to the success of Karnaukh under the sticks.

The Russians gave the first warning with a 0-3 partial in the second quarter who put them two goals up (2-4, min. 14) with Prokofyeva and Markoch scoring from long range. Anni Espar, well defended during a good part of the first half, made her debut to put the 3-4 with which the break was reached.

Two lethal minutes

The Russian machine fine-tuned its game in the third quarter, punishing every mistake made by Mataró and in less than two and a half minutes it brought out all its offensive potential with a 0-3 partial that put the maximum advantage (3-7, min. 22 ).

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Mataró held on to the game in the last 45 seconds of the period with two goals from Anni Espar and Gual that gave him some hope heading into the fourth quarter (5-7).

Prokofyeva threw a new jug of cold water at the Catalans when she scored her third goal and put her team into a comfortable 5-8 but Mataró did not give his arm to twist.

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Adjusted finish

Ballart’s defense and scoreboard led the game to an unexpected end tied with Anni Espar scores from a penalty (8-9) and forcing the Russians to secure their attack to avoid going to penalties. Their best scorer, Bella Markock, did not miss the final attack and the Russians were finally able to breathe easy.

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