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A great first part of Madrid is enough against a Valencia that arrives late

An image of the match.

An image of the match.

A huge first part, with a very inspired Jaycee Carroll, led Real Madrid to a new victory on the court of a Valencia Basket that erred in its initial approach and sank when it realized it but that in the second half reacted at the hand of Louis Labeyrie and came to reduce its deficit from 25 6 but that could not make Facu Campazzo nervous.

Valencia gave up their usual plan against Madrid and Walter Tavares to punish the only weak point in the Cape Verdean interior with three-pointers, thinking perhaps that he had exhausted it in their recent confrontation and opted for the penetrations of Martin Hermannson. But it does not work.

Instead, Pablo Laso’s team opted for a classic: nurture Jaycee Carroll with balls, and the American did not fail. With twelve points almost in a row, the guard set the course for Madrid and opened a wide income that Tavares or Alberto Abalde supported on their return to La Fonteta. Meanwhile, the visiting defense finished blocking a Valencia with little faith (6-28, m.20).

A pair of 3-pointers by Marinkovic seemed to give the hosts encouragement but his lack of defensive aggressiveness (five half-time fouls) prevented him from putting his rival in any trouble.

The thick rotation didn’t help either and Pablo Laso’s team continued to feed their score from the 6’75 line, with baskets from Thompkins or Laprovittola, among others, and a percentage of 63% at halftime with twelve out of nineteen (25-50, m.20).

Valencia returned better but that greater energy was translated into continuous protests to the arbitration decisions and Jaume Ponsarnau was sent off for two techniques, apparently on the bench but in which he had not participated. The anger of the Catalan coach was enormous.

But Van Rossom pulled Valencia before the relaxation of a Madrid already less involved and the advantage, with Louis Labeyrie as the unexpected executor, dropped to fifteen points (46-61, m.26) to the anger of Laso, who managed to at least Thompkins hold that advantage.

Two triples, one from the American and the other from Abalde, seemed to cool Valencia but a couple of silly losses gave rise to an inspired Labeyrie to continue cutting his disadvantage, although the locals lacked ideas to take advantage of the first options they had to get off ten, although he finally reached that line again through the French interior (68-77, m.35).

A new triple by the Frenchman forced Laso to stop him and put himself in the hands of Campazzo, who with a triple and a couple of assists fed the Madrid advantage until he secured a victory that was forged in the first half and that could be complicated in the final stretch , although he reacted in time.


78 – Valencia Basket (6 + 19 + 30 + 23): Vives (3), Hermansson (2), Kalinic (8), Labeyrie (26), Dubljevic (6) -five starters- Prepelic (9), Pradilla (- ), Puerto (-), Tobey (6), Van Rossom (6) and Marinkovic (12).

86 – Real Madrid (28 + 22 + 20 + 16): Campazzo (8), Carroll (17), Abalde (15), Randolph (6), Tavares (8) -five starters- Thompkins (15), Laprovittola (6 ), Garuba (3), Llull (3) and Taylor (5).

Referees: Conde, Padrós and García. They eliminated local coach Jaume Ponsarnau from the bench by two techniques.

Incidents: match corresponding to the ninth day of the regular phase of the Endesa League played behind closed doors due to health restrictions due to COVID 19 in the Fuente de San Luis pavilion.

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