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A group of workers saves a dog from the blades of a waste plant

The puppy, in the PIRS separation drum, where the blades can be seen, just as the operators stopped the machine

The puppy, in the PIRS separation drum, where the blades can be seen, just as the operators stopped the machine

The operators who activated the classification machine of the Solid Waste Plant (PIRS) of Arico, in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, stopped it instantly when they saw that something moved inside. When they looked closely, thanks to the tromel lights – a kind of giant drum similar to a washing machine, three meters in diameter and with huge blades, which is used to separate the plastic – they realized that it was a puppy dog. Without knowing well how the animal had managed to enter the PIRS and the machine, those responsible called the Civil Guard, which in turn notified the firefighters.

It took the workers of the PIRS packaging plant and the firefighters an hour to start the operation and get the puppy out of the tromel safe and sound. The dog had been saved from certain death by seconds. He was shaking when they took him out. It happened last Wednesday the 3rd but the story was known on Sunday after it was announced by those responsible for the animal shelter who also went to the PIRS to take care of the puppy, the Association of Friends of the Animals of Arico 4A. Angelina, which is how the dog has been baptized, has already overcome the panic and is playing with the rest of the animals in the shelter that this group has. “We named her Angelina because she is a puppy with a lot of angel. She was miraculously saved and now the requests to take her in are accumulating ”, says Anne Monteyne, president of the association, a Belgian based on the island.

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Rafael Martín, head of the PIRS packaging plant, agrees with Monteyne that It was a miracle” what happened to Angelina. “It is very difficult for an animal to sneak into the waste plant. But more difficult is that it enters the tromel, the drum that with its rotating movement – like that of a washing machine – separates the plastic waste with the help of blades. Luckily our operators saw it just in time to stop the machinery, which is in the testing phase, ”he says.

Martín believes that the dog was able to enter through a hole in the fences that delimit the Arico Solid Waste Plant and ended up by chance in the space for the separation of the plastic containers, which are deposited in the yellow container. “I never saw anything like it. But our professionals realized instantly that there was something moving on the tromel. Goodness…”.

Angelina with Anne Monteyne at the Arico hostel

The person in charge of the classification of containers clarifies that Angelina did not arrive at PIRS in a garbage truck after someone threw it into a dumpster, as discussed at first. “It was not brought by a truck, but entered by its means. We check it through security cameras. It would come from a ravine near the Arico environmental complex or from a farm “, theorizes Rafael Martín.

Angelina has returned to behaving like a normal puppy after the scare. Without reaching the year, this specimen “mix of Shar Pei and French Bulldog does not stop running”, says the person in charge of the Arico shelter, who clarifies that she was a few days “paralyzed, with permanent tremors, of how bad it must have happened” .

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Anne Monteyne appreciates the sensitivity of the PIRS workers and the firefighters, who managed to save the puppy from certain death. He is now under intensive care and is completing his vaccination. Once this process is finished, in a week, the puppy will be given up for adoption. “There are many applicants. Angelina’s story has touched many people. How lucky I am to be, “concludes Monteyne, who runs a shelter where there are 80 dogs, 30 cats, 12 horses, as well as goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, guinea pigs and even birds.

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