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A guide to the Covid cover available from travel insurers in 2022

Despite the UK relaxing travel restrictions for people arriving in this country, anyone planning an overseas holiday this Easter or during the summer still needs to be aware that other nations and airlines have different, ever-changing policies regarding Covid-19. Travel insurance remains crucial in the event of a delayed or canceled flight, as many easyJet customers discovered this week.

It is always important to check which travel insurance company offers the appropriate level of cover for you and your family and almost all of them have some form of cover for Covid-related eventualities. It’s also important, however, that you have a knowledge of the common exclusions in policies.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a guide to what you might not be covered for and examined the Covid stances taken by this country’s most popular travel insurance providers, including MoneySupermarket,, the Post Office and Aviva, as reported by DevonLive.

The key circumstances in which you are unlikely to be covered

It is always advisable to check with individual providers, but our research suggested that most companies will not offer cover for the following:

  • If your destination country changes their restrictions and you can no longer travel to it
  • If the UK Government places the UK into lockdown or changes their travel rules
  • If you’re asked to isolate by the NHS because you’ve been in contact with someone with Coronavirus, even if you don’t have it
  • You’re unable to meet quarantine requirements when you return to the UK
  • You refuse to meet quarantine requirements when you return to the UK
  • If you choose not to travel for any reason, including if you don’t feel safe
  • If you travel anywhere against the FCDO (Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office) advice
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One way of giving yourself additional protection, aside from that available in a travel insurance policy, is to book accommodation and flights that have free cancellation or rebooking clauses. A check of each insurers’ policies will also provide peace of mind in relation to what you are and aren’t covered for.

Some travel insurance providers will offer cover if you have to cancel your holiday having been asked to isolate by the NHS after coming into contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19


Most recognized insurance websites will offer the opportunity to generate a quote online and will outline what is and isn’t covered in a policy. MoneySuperMarket ensure that all companies on their comparison website offer medical cover for Covid and a means of getting back to the UK.

Some providers will offer more extensive coverage as an upgrade to their standard policies.

Major insurance sites such as inform customers that all policies will be void if you travel when you’re advised not to by the Government or the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO). They do, however, have policies that offer protection for essential travellers.

Quotes start from as low as £2.10 on their website.


Aviva customers are also bound by the same rules concerning any vacation taken against FCDO advice, but they do offer Travel Disruption Cover, which means the money spent on a holiday can be claimed back if the destination country goes into lockdown or alters their restrictions. Claims must be made within 31 days and you must be able to prove that the restrictions were not in place at the time your holiday was booked.

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The Post Office offers protection should you contract Covid on your holiday or miss a flight while waiting for a test result. That cover will be lost, however, if you purchased a policy after receiving a positive Covid test or while waiting for a test result if you are due to fly out within 14 days.


LV will cover you if you have been asked to isolate yourself having come into contact with somebody who has Covid. If your holiday location imposes new restrictions that mean you have to leave the country immediately, then they will also cover the costs incurred by your return home.

Avanti offer cover for anyone who is unable to board a plane due to a positive Covid test
Avanti offer cover for anyone who is unable to board a plane due to a positive Covid test


Admiral offer protection if you, or somebody you’re traveling with, contracts Covid. Again, that cover will not be applicable if, when you bought the policy, you were showing Covid symptoms or were waiting for a test result.

They also do not offer protection should there be a Covid outbreak at your holiday destination, even if it means you can’t stay in your pre-booked accommodation.

Stay Sure

Staysure provide cover if you, or someone you are traveling with, tests positive for Covid within 14 days of travel and you need to cancel your holiday. They will also protect you in the event that you cannot travel because of an allergic reaction or illness that meant you could not complete your course of vaccinations, or should you be asked to isolate by the NHS or Track and Trace app.

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Furthermore, they will help you return home if you have to leave your holiday location because of Covid and provide a daily allowance if you are required to isolate whilst abroad.


As well as providing cover for being asked to isolate by the NHS and if illness or an allergic reaction prevents you from completing your course of vaccinations, Avanti offer protection should you be unable to board a plane because of a positive Covid test or a high temperature . A daily allowance will also be available for anyone who has to isolate on holiday. You can see their full Covid cover on their website.

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