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A healthy cocoa cream wins the 8th edition of the contest for students of the UMH of Elche New Food

Participants in the contest of the UMH of Elche.

Participants in the contest of the UMH of Elche.

The winning proposal of the eighth edition of New Food, a food contest organized by the Higher Polytechnic School of Orihuela (EPSO) of the Miguel Hernández University (UMH), has been a healthy cocoa and hazelnut cream, sweetened with dates. This product, called Cremola, has been recognized for its innovation with the first prize, worth 400 euros. Likewise, the RaviOri and Qvegui projects have been awarded the second prize, while the third prize has gone to Soup & Nut and ArtePA. For their part, iGlú and Xukeret have received the special award from the Palmeral d’Elx Chair at the UMH.

During the event, a total of seven culinary initiatives were presented, promoted by students of the Degree in Food Science and Technology of the UMH. Cremola is an original idea of ​​the students Nuria Jiménez and Amalia Acosta. His proposal consists of a healthy cocoa and hazelnut cream, sweetened with dates. It does not contain added sugars or refined oils and is made with natural ingredients. In addition, it is suitable for vegans, celiacs and lactose intolerant. RaviOri and Qvegui have been the proposals recognized with the second prize, for which a total of 300 euros will be distributed. The first consists of a fresh Ravioli-type pasta with red lentil flour, stuffed with beef, Provolone cheese and spices. This product does not include preservatives or colorants, it is a source of fiber and has a high protein content. The initiative is promoted by Emilio Hernández, Juan Carlos López and Gabriel Ginard. For its part, Qvegui is a prepared dish, made in a sustainable and healthy way based on real quinoas (red, black and white) and roasted vegetables, complemented with eggs, low-fat cheese, vegetable sauce without sugars and EVOO. The production, promoted by Mar Gosálbez, Rosa María Franco and Pilar Rojo, does not contain additives or preservatives and is suitable for ovo-lacto-vegetarians.

Likewise, the third prize has gone to the Soup & Nut and ArtePA projects, which will be distributed a total of 200 euros. The first of them consists of a vegan soup made with tofu, peanuts and a vegetable drink. It is suitable for vegans, celiacs and lactose intolerant, rich in proteins and unsaturated fatty acids and does not contain additives. The elaboration is promoted by Paula Díaz, Ana María García and Andrea Más. For its part, ArtePa is a fusion food of Venezuelan and Mediterranean gastronomy, promoted by Adam Bogusz, Ariana Jiménez and Daniel Santamaría. It consists of baked corn doughs (arepas), made with vegetables and presented in three flavors: spinach, carrot-pumpkin and beet. In addition, it has a high fiber content, does not include additives or preservatives and is suitable for celiacs and vegans.

In the case of the Palmeral d’Elx-UMH Chair award, iGlú and Xukeret have been the awarded proposals, for which a total of 500 euros will be distributed. The iGlú project, presented by the students Álvaro García, Claudia Gil and Alba Robles, consists of a liqueur cream with a low alcohol content based on dates and bananas. It has a smooth texture with fruity nuances and does not contain additives and is also suitable for celiacs. For its part, Xukeret, promoted by Diana Baeza, Paula García and Adela Marina, is a Romanian-Mediterranean fusion dessert, made with local products such as dates and persimmons. This preparation does not contain added sugars, is a source of fiber, is free of allergens and is suitable for vegans.

These awards are sponsored by the UMH Science Park, the Orihuela Chamber of Commerce, the Surinver cooperative and the Palmeral d’Elx-UMH Chair. New Food also has the collaboration of the Naturquinoa food company. The New Food days are organized by the subjects of Food Development and Innovation and Food Marketing of the Bachelor’s Degree in Food Science and Technology at the UMH. The participating products, produced in the laboratories of the EPSO Department of Agri-Food Technology, must apply criteria of economic rationality and represent a commercial opportunity, targeting consumer segments through marketing strategies. In addition, in their creative processes, students follow world food trends.

Specifically, the New Food contest is organized by the professors of the Departments of Agro-Environmental Economics, Cartographic Engineering and Graphic Expression in Engineering, as well as Agrifood Technology of EPSO Margarita Brugarolas, Juana Fernández, Laura Martínez-Carrasco, Casilda Navarro, José Ángel Pérez, María Estrella Sayas and Manuel Viuda.


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