Tuesday, October 19

A hotel in Arenales in the heart of the city of Elche

“For every human problem there is always an easy, clear, plausible and wrong solution.” The famous American writer and journalist Henry Mencken said, probably already thinking about the issue of the Central Market of Elche.

The Central Market has long been synonymous with technical incompetence, popular boredom and political malpractice (for being generous). As long as each one defends his own tooth and nail, it is impossible to reach agreements, as we have observed in the last 6 years. At this point all have already uncovered their letters definitively, the concessionaire ensuring the viability of the project agreed with Mercedes Alonso and the City Council playing poker of aces with a unilateral termination of the contract That they must be very clear since otherwise the compensation can be very expensive for all the people of Elche. The technical reports seem to be able to give the reason to the City Council in its fight with Aparcisa, since the existence of the archaeological remains and the refuge should be considered as a reason for canceling the contract, as the City Council wields and reasonable logic dictates.

The end is near, and the City Council cannot wait any longer. In autumn the launch of an ideas contest was announced and that should be the beginning of a splendid future for a unique enclave that can be the dynamic axis of the historic center. An open, dynamic and modern Market works; You just have to go to cities around us and discover it. The idea of ​​a traditional Market with modern elements that also merge with the heritage found it may be unique in Spain. A Market that combines traditional sales with genuine Camp d’Elx products, themed it with our heritage and increase its offer with the view of the Arab baths under a glass floor and a guided visit to the shelters together with a gastronomic offer of integrated hospitality can be attractive enough to recover lost tourism.

You have to keep your eyes open, Aparcisa castled in an impossible underground car park to give strength to a good project. I am one of those who thinks that there is enough parking in the center as in order to facilitate access to the people of Elche and visitors, up to four public car parks are in the surroundings of the Plaza de las Flores and can easily absorb the volume of people who are going to access the center. While the pact seems unfeasible, it would be good if the concessionaire agreed to carry out the project without parking because it would continue to be advantageous as long as the City Council could offer it some consideration, speaking people understand and litigating we can have a new Hotel de Arenales in the heart of the city , something that nobody wants.

The New Central Market will be a reality sooner or later, but the City Council must already have its plan, out of the ideas competition, seek financing with European funds and present the model that can recover the illusion of the people of Elche confused and disappointed around a problem entrenched in time and that greatly hinders the commercial and social development of the historic center of our city.


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