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A humble neighborhood that is falling apart

Degraded. Carmen was upset when she found out that she had to get 2,000 euros from wherever she went to secure the building where she lives all her life in Carrús because she was at risk of collapse. Neighbors like her, in very difficult situations, unemployed or with salaries of 400 euros, have had to face this expense because their houses could fall apart. Others have not been able and the neighborhood worsens its deterioration.

Cracks where a hand fits, chipped walls, pillars with risk of collapse, dampness, waste concrete … they are some of the deficiencies that every day that passes grow in «Porfirio Pascual», a humble area of ​​Carrús, more popularly known as the “Rat” where his neighbors are desperate.

The neighborhood group that represents the residents of the forty blocks built in the sixties through a public housing promotion has demanded from the City Council “greater public investment in the neighborhood compared to the pharaonic works”, in clear reference to the project it has presented just a week ago for regenerate Carrús Este with a pedestrian walkway and improvement of green areas worth 4 million euros.

A humble neighborhood that is falling apart a.fajardo

It is not the first time that they claim municipal care, they claim to have even delivered signatures a year ago, but they feel “abandoned.” They consider that just as public administrations are investing in San Antón and Los Palmerales to guarantee housing for their neighbors, this working-class neighborhood also needs facilities. “It seems that it is more important to build than to repair the neighborhood”, criticize their neighbors.

They are aware that they are the ones who have the obligation to take charge of the conservation of their properties, but they assure that not everyone can afford or agree to pay 2,000 euros per home to carry out the mandatory evaluation report of their buildings at age fifty and then undertake the necessary repairs. But this great stumbling block is joined by another. Once the neighbors take the step and get the money where they can to pay for it, they regret that they find themselves with obstacles to receive the aid granted by the City Council.

«We have been fighting for two years to rehabilitate the building that even had an execution order, we have already spent 2,000 euros per neighbor and they have not yet received the aid», Assures Carmen, a resident of one of the few buildings that have been rehabilitated.

The problem of this area of ​​Elche attached to the slope also reached the plenary session of the City Council last March. A recent report by Vox warned that only five buildings have made evaluation reports, of which three need urgent action. In this study, the municipal group listed the housing habitability problems with photographs.

A humble neighborhood that is falling apart

As a result, the City Council undertook to draw up an ordinance that could oblige the communities of owners to carry out technical inspections of the buildings when they are over 50 years old and to act, but it has not yet been implemented.

The project announced by the government team a week ago for Carrús has pushed these neighbors to go out again to denounce their situation. Two neighborhood associations, that of Primero de Mayo and that of Porfirio Pascual, have assured that they have other problems and other more urgent needs to solve rather than a footbridge that will “fly over” Clara Campoamor street to join Olegario Domarco Seller street with the hillside. .

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