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A jockey is suspended at 18 months for harassing and intimidating a jockey

  • Robbie Dunne, 36, spent eight months bullying Bryony Frost, 26, around every British racecourse they both competed on.

  • The rider, who even called her a “fucking whore” and a “dangerous whore”, also threatened to dismount her and crash her against the fences of the racecourse during the races.

A great whip, and very fat, has received the image of the world of British horse racing after six days of trial to Irish jockey Robbie Dunne for case of ‘bullyng’ to English yoqueta Bryony Frost. The disciplinary commission of the British Horse Racing Authority (BHA), the highest authority on racetracks in the United Kingdom, on Thursday condemned the athlete with 18 month suspension for different charges of violent and inappropriate behavior towards the Amazon from February to September 2020.

The sentence, which accuses the rider of four counts of “Behavior detrimental to the integrity, proper conduct and good reputation of racing”, reflects in its facts that during those eight months, Dunne, 36, was dedicated to intimidating and harassing Frost, 26, in the facilities and obstacle courses of British racetracks. Among the incidents described, up to five in particular, the threats to unload her and smash her against a fence at Southwell racecourse or use misogenic language, such as “Fucking whore” Y “Dangerous whore”, on the Stradford compound.

Provocative attitude

The yoqueta in her statement accused the jockey of inappropriate behavior since they began their sports career as fans, and that he never did anything to change and / or improve their attitude. The woman came to remember that when they started competing in steeplechase in 2017, Dunne acted like an exhibitionist: “One day, when I walked into the men’s locker room to just pick up my gear, he opened his towel and shook in front of me “said Frost. The rider defended himself stating that being naked was not a sexual act and that he only remembered being without clothes in front of her when she walked from the sauna to the balance room, where the jockeys are weighed.

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Dunne, before knowing that he will miss 450 races and will stop earning about 90,000 euros, also denied other charges that were presented to him, except two for threatening and violent behavior towards the yoqueta. In addition, the rider added to the case a statement in which he assured that, a week before she filed the complaint, she received an anonymous call at her home threatening that “They would break their legs” if he didn’t change his attitude.

Crossing of accusations

This crossing of accusations and complaints during the days of the trial has started a civil war in British horse racing. Many jockeys have supported Dunne and questioned the veracity of the jockeys’ allegations. Even the Professional Jockeys Association (PJA) of the United Kingdom, in its purpose of defending at all times the integrity of its riders and Amazons, has spoken out against the investigation that the BHA commission has carried out, considering that Dunne had not been subjected “To a fair process” and standing out at all times “The courage Frost has had when she was intimidated and how lonely she has felt.”

It is this isolation to which the yoqueta has been subjected during all this time that has further divided the British equestrian sector. The silence of some witnesses and the boycott to which it was subjected by the staff of the Fontwell racecourse a few days ago confirm the bad atmosphere that the hearing of this case has generated, and that could uncover some others that so far could have been silenced.

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Little support

Frost has been away for a few days to reflect after the sentence, grateful for the few signs of support I have received from the sector. The Coach Gay Kelleway, who has the honor of being the first yoqueta to have won a race at the prestigious Royal ascotYes, he has come out publicly in his defense. “It’s not just Bryony, a lot of jockeys haven’t explained a lot of things. One in particular told me about her experiences, but I was too scared to say anything. Now they have finally listened to Bryony and I am delighted with the verdict “Kelleway told Sky Sports Racing.

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