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A judge filed two years ago the first complaint against the child prostitution network




The Court of Instruction number 23 of Madrid filed the first complaint filed in December 2019 by the mother of one of the minor victims of the largest network of child prostitution uncovered in the Community of Madrid when it was proved that it was a voluntary abandonment.

This is the first complaint that appears in the case, the first of many others that have ended in the so-called Sana operation, with the arrest of 37 people accused of a string of sexual crimes committed against at least ten minors between 13 and 15 years.

In this case, some errands due to a complaint in which the mother brought to the attention of police officers at the end of 2019 Arganzuela police station the disappearance of his 17-year-old daughter.

The witness then stated that her daughter had voluntarily left the family home being addicted to drugs to consume hashish and other narcotic substances.

In an order issued in January 2020, the judge who instructed this case issued the provisional dismissal of the proceedings as the commission of the crime was not proven and it was verified that it was a voluntary abandonment.

The police certificate records that the mother stated that her daughter left with a man whom she did not consider a “good influence”. The minor was recognized by the agents when she accompanied this individual to the police station to sign a prison permit.

According to the report, the mother suspected that her daughter was going to areas where drugs are sold and taking advantage of her drug addiction to abuse her. In this case there was only one suspicious and it was filed when the judge confirmed that it was a voluntary abandonment, without investigating beyond these circumstances.

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New errands

Two years later, the Investigating Judge number 8 of Madrid opened proceedings following a complaint from the Family and Women’s Care Units (UFAM) for a crime of criminal organization, against public health, prostitution of minors and illegal detention.

The first complaint for the disappearance of the aforementioned minor joined these criminal proceedings as they were related crimes that should be followed in the same criminal procedure, although it was later concluded that the crimes followed against the network were more serious.

The criminal investigation is now directed at the Investigating Court number 8 of Madrid, whose judge has for now taken statements from those under investigation and the appearances of the minors must be indicated so that their manifestations are recorded as preconstituted test.

Among the 37 detainees is the rapper Saymol Fyly, a well-known ‘youtuber’ who allegedly captured minors using his music and, together with other members of the sexual network, hooked them to the consumption of cocaine base to “sell them to drug addicts” in narco-flats in High Villaverde.

Of the 37 detainees, only eight have entered provisional prison without bail. According to the investigators, at least ten minors would have suffered sexual abuse from this child prostitution network that operated in Madrid, mainly in the San Cristóbal de los Ángeles neighborhood, in Villaverde.

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