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A judge from Logroño opens proceedings for the alleged documentary falsity of the Polisario leader




The Court of Instruction number 3 of Logroño has opened proceedings to investigate whether the leader of the Polisario Front, Brahim Gali, entered Spain with false documentation when he was evacuated by Algeria to deal with coronavirus on April 18.

In a car dated May 26 and to which ABC has had access, the judge thus attends to a complaint filed by Clean Hands for an alleged crime of documentary falsification that Gali would have committed, the same one that is already in Algeria after leaving Spain on Tuesday night for not weighing on him any type of precautionary measure.

For the instructor José Carlos Orga, «The facts present characteristics that make presume the possible existence of a crime of falsification by an individual of a public or commercial document “, for which it agrees to initiate preliminary proceedings to clarify the circumstances of the facts and the persons who have intervened.

This is not the only complaint about the alleged falsity of the documentation with which Gali arrived in Spain that has been presented in Logroño. On the same day 26, when this order was issued, a lawyer from Valencia registered another offensive for the same reason, on understanding that there were indications of a crime of documentary falsification.

The National Court dismissed a similar complaint last week, appreciating, on the one hand, that there were no indications of such a crime and, above all, that if there were any, it would not be within its competence to instruct them. Gali’s environment has always denied that he carried a false passport when he landed in Zaragoza on April 18. It is maintained that he carried his documentation issued by Algeria, the same that all Sahrawis in refugee camps need to travel to countries that do not recognize the autonomy of the territory.

He left with the same documentation

Gali left Spain on Tuesday night on a flight chartered by the Algerian government back to Tindouf after urging and being discharged from hospital. From the Ministry of Foreign Affairs it was reported that upon his departure “He carried the documentation in his name with which he entered Spain”, giving it thus for truthfulness.

The problems arose because Gali arrived in Spain in secret and was registered in the San Pedro de Logroño hospital with a false name, which also did not coincide with another identity equally fictitious in the name of which the first reports had been issued doctors about his health prepared in the Algerian center who had been treating him until the situation became critical.

While the Polisario leader was leaving the country, the Moroccan Embassy was in charge of reminding that this matter was still alive, releasing a statement from the lawyer who presented that second complaint in Logroño to record its existence. For now, the first has been admitted.

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