Wednesday, December 1

A judge investigates the homophobic chants in a march in the Madrid neighborhood of Chueca

A moment of the neo-Nazi demonstration in Chueca.

A moment of the neo-Nazi demonstration in Chueca.

The Court of Instruction number 11 of Madrid has opened proceedings for the homophobic chants that were uttered during a neo-Nazi demonstration held in the Madrid neighborhood of Chueca on September 18 last, and has asked the Government Delegation for information on the call.

Sources from the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid have confirmed to Efe this Wednesday that the case has been prosecuted as a result of the complaints presented by the Madrid Immigration and Refugee Aid Network and the Tercer Sector Coordinator.

The holder of the Court of Instruction number 11 already has ordered proceedings how to request the Government Delegation to deliver documentation on the march of September 18, which was convened by the San Blas-Canillejas Neighborhood Association with the slogan ‘Say no to the 2030-2050 Agendas’ and passed through the Chueca neighborhood, the meeting point of the LGTBI collective.

The sources have specified that in the Court of Instruction number 9 it also has on the table a complaint about the screams uttered in the concentration presented by the Coordinator, on which it will have to decide whether to assume it or be inhibited in the court that has already opened errands.

The Government delegate in Madrid, Mercedes González, has advanced this Wednesday that her department has sent the corresponding reports to the Prosecutor’s Office and the Court of Instruction number 11 of Madrid to determine if there is a hate crime.

González has defended that the march could not be prohibited “preventively”, during which there was no public disorder, and that subsequently acted with the utmost forcefulness with the organizers and with the participants who carried dangerous weapons.

“I feel responsible but not guilty,” he said about the chants that some “Kaffirs” uttered against homosexuals, including “out of Madrid” or “queer out of our neighborhoods.”

The Delegation informed after the march that it will impose an administrative penalty of 600 euros, the maximum allowed by law, on the two organizers of the march.a, and that he had initiated a sanctioning proceedings of 800 euros against six of the participants for a crime against the Citizen Security Law, since they carried six flares, five sticks of different sizes and a brass knuckles.

The report made by the Police was sent to the Prosecutor’s Office due to the possible existence of a hate crime.

Previously, the Madrid Prosecutor’s Office initiated investigation proceedings as a result of the events that occurred during the march, on its own initiative, and the Ministries of Equality and Social Rights and Agenda 2030 filed a complaint with the Prosecutor’s Office of the Hate Crimes and Discrimination Chamber of Madrid considering that the slogans that were uttered may constitute a hate crime or discrimination.

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