Saturday, October 16

A judge orders the international arrest of the pedophile who raped his 11-year-old stepdaughter

A court in Alzira released him with a restraining order as the only measure.

A court in Alzira released him with a restraining order as the only measure.

For four long years, since I was just eleven, a minor had been silently enduring the sexual abuse she was subjected to by her stepfather. As a result of this hell lived long ago and being of legal age, the young woman exploded and tried to take her own life, which would finally uncover her ordeal and lead to the arrest of her alleged assailant in May 2019. However, despite the horrifying story made by the victim in court, in which he narrated both the initial touching and abuses with carnal access by his mother’s romantic partner, the Court of Instruction number one of Alzira did not agree to any precautionary measure against the accused, except for the order of estrangement from his victim – thus forcing him to leave the family home.

When two weeks later the Alzira Investigating Court number three took over the case and issued the prohibition to leave the national territory, as well as the withdrawal of the passport, and urged the defendant, 55 years old and of Dominican origin, to go to court to deliver it, he no longer appeared. Since then, his whereabouts are unknown.

It has been now, more than a year and a half later, when the court has issued an international search and arrest warrant, and his immediate extradition, against the alleged pedophile, accused of a continuous crime of sexual abuse with carnal access to a person under 14 years of age, aggravated by having taken advantage of his family relationship with the victim.

The young woman’s family, who appeared as a private prosecutor once the detainee had already given a statement, are outraged at the negligence of the court who released him without adopting measures to prevent his escape. The attorney for the prosecution argues that with the evidence of criminality against him, the penalties associated with the crime he is charged with and the evident risk of flight, as has been demonstrated, were more than sufficient reasons to have agreed to provisional imprisonment, but In any case, at least one withdrawal of the passport from the first moment – since it is a foreign citizen with no more roots in the country than the victim’s own family – and “The obligation to appear apud acta was not even established to sign periodically in court.”

There is even the circumstance that after releasing him and agreeing on the restraining order that prohibited him from approaching within 200 meters of his victim, by residing in the same house as his stepdaughter, the accused had to leave the house and did not give a alternative address. The case is so surreal that the court summons addressed to the alleged pedophile continued to arrive at the victim’s home despite the restraining order in force.

The abuses began when the girl was eleven years old, shortly after her mother’s sentimental partner moved to live with them. The now fugitive from Justice took advantage of the fact that the woman was ill in bed and under medication, to touch her stepdaughter. Likewise, so that her younger brother would not surprise them, she urged the minor to lock him in the room and thus be alone with her. The nightmare lasted until she was fifteen years old, from then on the victim made it clear to her not to touch her again. Despite avoiding new rapes, the fact that she continued to live with her aggressor and that he tried to turn her mother against her ended up leading the minor to try to take her own life in May 2019. After being hospitalized, she collapsed and told everything hell lived.

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