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A light at the end of the tunnel: which famous Latinos have already been vaccinated against Covid-19?

After living months of uncertainty, some without employment due to the mandatory confinement, the artists who have already injected themselves predict a future return to face-to-face activities and even the reestablishment of their personal finances.

“After the year that I have thrown myself unemployed and locked up in New York, after so many losses and how it has hit not only the entertainment industry, but the world in general, it obviously feels like there is already a light at the end of the day. tunnel”, he claimed Mauricio Martinez in interview.

The Mexican actor recalled that before getting vaccinated he was nervous and excited, but he felt very grateful to have been a candidate due to his history with cancer.

Evocating a news story from The New York Times, he mentioned that in the state where he resides, small meetings at home or closed places will be allowed for those who have received the two injections, in addition to that restaurants will reopen at 75 percent of their capacity (outside of New York City) in mid-March.

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“From the side you see it, there is already more tranquility, and I feel happy and grateful to have received it.

“I hope that many people will take the example. That is why I share that I have already been vaccinated, so that people who do not believe in vaccines know what to do “, said the 42-year-old singer, who announced that by the end of the month he will receive the second application.

True to the idea of ​​proving that vaccines are helpful, and in order to combat people’s fear of the unknown, other artists also underwent the treatment.

One of them was Enrique Guzman, 78, who received the dose with his wife.

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“We are all delighted, I have already been vaccinated, my wife was vaccinated. Neither of us have problems, we have no reactions of any kind; that is, we are very happy about everything that is happening.

“The day I was there, we had 800 people trained. The rumors and gossip began: ‘they say up there that there are only 500 vaccines’, but finally everyone was attended to. It is a vaccine that I hope is useful, I suppose it is because they did not bring a silly vaccine, they brought a good vaccine “, said the father of Alejandra Guzman to a show program.

Among controversies, the communicator Juan José Origel, 73, was immunized. He did not do it in Mexico, as was the case with Guzmán, but he traveled to Miami, Florida, to receive both doses.

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He commented that he applied for the vaccine through the internet and showed his Mexican passport at the time of being inoculated.

“They told me: ‘wait 15 minutes to see what reaction you have’, and that’s all they said”, the communicator shared in an interview.

He ruled out any reaction even after the second dose.

“Super good, pretend that I did not wear anything, but I continue to take care of myself a lot because, even if you get the second vaccine, we must continue to take care of ourselves,” he said.

Susana Dosamantes, 73; Ana Martín, 74; and Queta Lavat, 92, they have already been vaccinated. The latter went to the Magdalena Contreras Mayor’s Office, in Mexico City.

“It is a tranquility to have the vaccine because it is not absolutely that the danger stops having one, but it is a percentage more of tranquility. Unfortunately, before I had leg pain and inflammation that was enhanced by the vaccine. But now, God bless, I’m fine. It was a matter of three or four days and that’s it.

“I keep wearing my mask, like my assistants, with great care, I don’t go out; in short, trying to do more than my part because many times the infections are due to unconsciousness “Lavat shared in an interview.

Emilio and Gloria Estefan, as well as José Luis Rodríguez “El Puma” they are already protected; all three, without any reaction.

Gloria Estefan Rolls Royce
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The 78-year-old Venezuelan singer chose to share his experience through social networks. At the end of the second application, the medical team in Miami gave him proof that he had the vaccine so that he could travel to other countries.

“The first vaccine gave me absolutely nothing, hopefully this one either”Rodríguez said on video.

“What I want is for them to take away the fear of this that is happening on the planet and, in some way, this plague must be stopped.”

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“I keep wearing my mask, like my assistants, with great care, I don’t go out; in short, trying to do more than my part because many times the infections are due to unconsciousness ”.
Queta Lavat, actress

“It gives me hope to know that more and more people are getting vaccinated, that helps to be positive and focus on the good.”
Mauricio Martínez, actor

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