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A little rainy spring is expected after one of the driest winters

Tentudía Dam in December 2021 / TODAY

The territorial delegate of Aemet has indicated that so far this winter 78.6 liters / square meter have fallen in Extremadura when the average is usually 159 liters / square meter

J. Lopez-Lago

We are having a drier winter than normal and spring is not going to be much different, with little rain and heat. This has just been announced by the territorial delegate of the State Meteorological Agency, Marcelino Núñez, in the climatic balance that he usually does every quarter. Predicting how the weather will behave during an entire season is complicated, he has warned, but for several years now they have been working with probabilistic models that allow defining a trend, although the planet behaves in an increasingly complicated way to interpret due to warming global. Spring begins on March 20 at 4:33 p.m., lasts 92 days and 18 hours and during that period Núñez has indicated that some months of April, May and June are expected with higher temperatures and less rainfall than normal, below of the reference values. However, he has warned that this season is one of the most unstable.

Núñez has also referred to the haze that has filled the atmosphere with dust this week and has said that it is already in decline and will surely disappear in Extremadura on Thursday afternoon. As he has explained, episodes like this occur frequently during the year, but on this occasion several factors have been combined to make it more evident. In any case, “it is a natural and beneficial phenomenon that serves as fertilizer, except in what may affect the lungs,” he indicated this morning.

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«On Sunday afternoon rainfall arrives in Extremadura, not intense, but constant for three or four days»

Marcelino Nunez

Territorial delegate of Aemet

As for the immediate present, Núñez speaks of rain. «A storm is approaching and on Sunday afternoon rainfall will arrive in Extremadura. They will not be intense, but they will be constant during the next three or four days»

One of the driest winters

The delegate in Extremadura of Aemet has also analyzed how this winter is going, whose values ​​until the beginning of this month of March are being very striking in the region. According to the data handled by Marcelino Núñez, the December-January-February 2021/22 quarter was the eighth driest in the reference period from 1981 to 2010 and the second warmest, only surpassed by 1990.

A spring is coming that will be 0.5ºC warmer than normal in Spain

As for specific data, Núñez has mentioned that the average rainfall for the entire region so far this winter has been 78.6 litres/square meter, being much lower than the reference value for this quarter, where the average is stands at 159 litres/square meter.

On the other hand, the balance of accumulated rainfall in the hydrological year so far (from October 1 to February 28) has also been described as “very dry”, since an average of 190.3 liters / square meter when the reference is usually 336.3 litres/square meter. The rains that have begun to fall in this month of March will not compensate for the non-falls in previous months, said Núñez, who has been struck by this start of 2022 with such a constant anticyclonic dominance. “There has never been a January and February as dry as this one.”

Regarding temperatures, in Extremadura the average temperature for the December-January-February quarter was 10 degrees, one and a half degrees above normal. In fact, this quarter that has just ended has been the second warmest of the reference period, only surpassed in 1990.

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