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A macro-dump of furniture and rubble hides behind a pine forest next to Clot de Galvany

The remains of work, furniture and toys that are part of the illegal landfill hidden between a graffiti near Clot de Galvany

The remains of work, furniture and toys that are part of the illegal landfill hidden between a graffiti near Clot de Galvany
Matías Segarra

“This is a shame, there is more and more filth,” laments a cyclist as he passed an illegal dump hidden among a pine forest just 500 meters from Clot de Galvany. There, mountains of rubble, clothes, furniture and even toys are accumulated shamelessly instead of occupying their rightful place, the clean points or the garbage containers. An increasingly frequent bad practice in the rural areas of Elche with the aggravating circumstance that this time it is occurring very close to a wetland considered a municipal natural site.

Between Arenales del Sol and El Altet, one kilometer from both districts, and very close to the 332 national road, the garbage dump extends next to a forest track that can be reached by car almost without being discovered, since the area It is very lonely, there are hardly any cyclists or people walking. An almost unknown location, which is precisely why, has been used by irresponsible people to pour without any type of control.

There are at least eight different points where construction materials, paint buckets, sinks, sacks with bricks, sofas, televisions, wooden blankets and even children’s slides accumulate. A whole series of waste in direct contact with pine trees and bushes, with the consequent risk of fire that this implies. The stamp is pitiful.

Another mountain of spills that spreads between the bushes and the pines Matías Segarra

From the Department of the Environment, led by Esther Díaz, they acknowledged yesterday to questions from this newspaper, that they were unaware of this particular case and assured that they would order the cleaning of the area as soon as possible. Although, they regretted that they have had to intervene on other occasions in this environment due to the incivility of people who sneak into an open forest track to pour.

For the City Council, this irresponsibility has been a headache in recent years, to the point that the government team recognized that illegal landfills are one of the biggest problems at Camp d’Elx and that no district is already exempt from it. trouble.

Since the last term, in the face of neighborhood criticism and the increase in cases, the Department of Cleaning promised to reinforce the police persecution to try to find the offenders, and punish them for discarding debris, belongings and pruning in places that are not authorized . There are more than a hundred rubbish dumps located by the Consistory and marked, in which they warn of the initiation of a sanctioning file for dumping any type of non-domestic waste. The figure quadrupled in just two years.

The fines for these irregularities start at 600 euros, although the difficulty of catching those who illegally dump the waste in the act is a real workhorse for the City Council of Elche, since it would involve almost a permanent police patrol at each point of waste.

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