Thursday, October 28

A major snowstorm hits the northeastern US | International

A passerby on a street in Brooklyn (New York), this Monday.
A passerby on a street in Brooklyn (New York), this Monday.SPENCER PLATT / AFP

New York is the epicenter of a major snowstorm that has affected the northeastern United States since Sunday night, with a thickness that is expected to reach at least 60 centimeters in height in the city. The storm has caused the suspension of non-essential activities, including appointments to get vaccinated against covid-19, which have had to be rescheduled. “There will be enormous danger [en las calles] and many difficulties to move. The last thing we want is to have to bring our elders out [a vacunarse] in the middle of a storm like this, ”warned the mayor, Democrat Bill de Blasio. Schools will be closed on Monday and Tuesday. The first flakes began to fall in the middle of Sunday afternoon, while the municipal snowplows, responsible for clearing the road, moved immediately, even before the first white layer settled on the streets.

New York is a city accustomed to snow, but the size of this storm, the first colossal one in winter and the one that opens in 2021, makes it difficult for the citizens to respond quickly. Municipal workers opened trails on the sidewalks that surround public buildings (schools, playgrounds, parks), while individuals frantically pulled shovels to clear snow from the section of sidewalk corresponding to their building. It is the unavoidable responsibility of those in charge of maintenance, owners or business owners to clean their accesses, under penalty of a fine if they do not do so. The problem is that the copious snowfall made his efforts a Sisyphus task: the snow fell furiously, in jets, nothing to do with the placid and relaxing image of this meteorological phenomenon.

Municipal and State authorities issued emergency alerts. “All non-emergency or non-essential vehicles must refrain from driving until six in the morning [mediodía en la Península] of this Tuesday ”, urged the note of the mayor of New York, sent to all the mobiles. “Predicted conditions similar to a blizzard,” he added, that is, a combination of wind and snow that greatly complicates sanitation and therefore viability.

Cities like Boston and Washington have also been affected by the great storm, which will continue with less intensity this Tuesday. The National Weather Service (NWS) has extended coverage to the area between Virginia and Maine. The State of New Jersey declared a state of emergency, allowing authorities to close roads, evacuate homes, and requisition equipment necessary for public safety. It also suspended public transportation throughout the state today.

The storm had hit California with snowfall as high as 1.8 meters in some places last week and then moved into the Midwest, with a particular impact on Chicago. In Washington, snow began to fall overnight from Saturday to Sunday. President Joe Biden, meeting with his advisers this Monday, had also planned to address, among other issues, the situation arising from the storm, according to White House sources.

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