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A man arrested for trying to run over his victim after robbing him in Sant Joan

The Civil Guard detains a man for trying to run over his victim after robbing him

The Civil Guard detains a man for trying to run over his victim after robbing him

The Civil Guard of Alicante has arrested a man for robbing a marriage in Sant Joan and try to run over the couple’s man after. The alleged perpetrator closely watched these two people, who have a company, to better understand their movements and take advantage of the best moment to rob them. He is accused of this and three other crimes of robbery inside vehicles in El Campello.

The Civil Guard, following a complaint lodged for the robbery and assault on the marriage in Sant Joan, initiated an investigation, within the framework of the “Trasarea Operation”, in order to clarify what happened.

On the day the events occurred, The couple, after closing their business, were preparing to do the shopping in a supermarket in Mutxamel. During the journey to the supermarket, the detainee followed them closely with another vehicle, always taking the precaution of leaving several meters between the two so as not to arouse suspicion.

Once in the parking lot, the alleged perpetrator covered the license plates of the car and changed his clothes to avoid being recognized. Taking advantage of the moment in which the woman got into her vehicle, the thief pounced on the couple and introduced her body into the car. Once inside, the author attacked them both, and after a strong struggle, managed to snatch their purse.

The woman He had 4,000 euros in cash and checks worth 18,000 euros referring to the collection of the day, as well as numerous documentation of the company that directs.

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In a desperate attempt to recover his personal effects, the complaining man tried to reach the thief, but then he got into a car and pounced on the victim with the intention of running him over. To avoid the blow, the man threw himself to the ground and managed to avoid it, before the eyes of several witnesses.

The victims, who suffered several minor injuries, are recovering at home.

As soon as the agents located the possible perpetrator, they found out that he had also recently committed three crimes of robbery inside vehicles in the town of El Campello.

To carry out the robberies, according to the Civil Guard, he followed a determined and structured modus operandi. He chose the victims by obtaining information about their hours of entry and exit from work, and subsequently carried out meticulous monitoring of your every move.

In the case of the marriage, the author repeatedly monitored the complainants and found that at the end of the working day the owners of the company would carry the collection of the day.

The detainee is a 33-year-old man who is charged with the crime of robbery with violence and intimidation, two crimes of injuries, and three crimes of robbery inside three vehicles. The vehicle used by the author to commit the crimes has been intervened and made available to the Judicial Authority.

The detainee has been placed at the disposal of the Alicante Investigating Court, which has ordered his admission to prison without bail.

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