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A man beat the actress Laisha Wilkins in the middle of the street: she and several famous people raise their voices and demand justice

Laisha Wilkins She is a well-known soap opera actress on Mexican television. As a villain, she has conquered many for her performances in soap operas such as “Madness of Love”, “A Hook to the Heart” and “The Force of Destiny”, among other highly successful productions. But today this 44-year-old interpreter is not in the news because of her work but because of an incident in which she became one more victim of violence against women.

Wilkins showed through his social networks how a man was posting political propaganda from the Morena party, on top of the one already posted on the walls by the opposition party. When he saw her, he reacted by hitting her. All this has been evidenced in a video that has already gone viral on social networks.

Both the public, fans of the actress and celebrities from the entertainment world in Mexico have demanded justice on behalf of Laisha. They also ask that the ruling party hand over the man who violently exerted force on the actress.

Here we share the videos that have been viralized on Twitter and the public’s reaction to this information, as well as that of various journalists and actors.

But the actress has not let this situation go by. In addition to exposing the aggression, he has also made public that he has already filed a complaint for this fact. “Complaint raised. I thank all the authorities, agencies, institutes, groups, lawyers, electoral observers … who came to support me in the complaint. I decided to go for my part to present it, like any citizen that I am. I trust due process, “said the actress.

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