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A man beats up his two-year-old stepson in Mexico

Women protest a man who allegedly beat a two-year-old baby to death on Thursday.

Women protest a man who allegedly beat a two-year-old baby to death on Thursday.

A man supposedly beat a two-year-old baby to death in San Cristóbal de las Casas, in the state Mexican from Chiapas (southeast). The killer was the stepfather of the boy, who, upset by the crying of the minor, would have ended his life, said the boy’s mother on Thursday, who demonstrated with other women to demand justice.

Sandra Janet Sánchez Gómez, mother of the minor and sex worker, detailed to the media how Rolando Armando Hernández, his sentimental partner and stepfather of the minor, confessed that he had hurt his baby, Arnoldo Saúl, while she made some purchases this Wednesday.

Faced with this crime, sex workers and dancers came out to demonstrate in search of justice for the minor and punishment for the alleged perpetrator.

According to the first reports, relatives of the minor they reported the mistreatment to the authorities, since it was not the first time it happened.

The mother reported that upon entering her room she saw the child’s body on the bed completely immobile and unconscious, at which point she claimed to her partner what she had done to her son and the man confessed: ” I hit it“disturbed by the crying of the child.

The mother immediately transferred her son to a private hospital where they tried to revive him, however, the efforts of the doctors were useless, said Sánchez.

“Everyone was inside and the doctor came out and said he had had a heart attack, we have several minutes trying to revive it and they also told me that his organs were burst“, he counted.

The mother indicated that that same afternoon she filed a lawsuit against Rolando Armando Hernández as alleged assassin of his son.

The woman is now threatened by Rolando’s family who demand that she desist from the lawsuit. He also fears for his life and that the State Attorney General’s Office will release the alleged murderer of his son.

His son was beaten repeatedly until he passed awayHe said that the boy was bleeding from the nose and had bruises on his stomach and face.

The group of women walked more than three kilometers demanding justice while shouting slogans and carrying banners with the legend “We do not want any more dead or raped children, enough is enough!” , “Rutilio Escandón (governor of Chiapas) we want to see action in your government, justice for Saúl!”.

“We want justice for the child and also for the murderer to be punished. We do not know how she allowed the child to be in charge of that man,” said the dancers Margarita Pérez and Sonia López.

The women held a rally in front of the Altos de Chiapas district attorney’s office before burying the minor.

For its part, the State Attorney General’s Office, through the Altos District Attorney’s Office, began the investigation folder for the crimes of aggravated and qualified homicide, to the detriment of a minor with a protected identity, in San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas.

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