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A man claims that he killed his father in Gran Canaria “because a voice told me it was the devil”

The defendant, in court.

The defendant, in court.

The accused of killing his father with more than 20 axes, the poet and lawyer Jose Rafael Hernandez, in October 2018, in the family home of the capital of Gran Canaria, he declared this Monday before a Jury of the Las Palmas Court that he attacked him because a voice told him it was the devil and he didn’t know what he was doing.

The processed, Marcos José HS, 45 years old, has staged to the court the scene that he lived at that time with his father, who hours after finding his mother dead, who was in his care, he killed with an ax that he does not know how it came into his hands because he had to face “a power with great strength and energy”, the demon, which began by cutting the legs, as reported.

“He was not at all aware of what he was doing,” said the defendant, who faces a sentence of 25 years and 6 months in prison for the murder of his father and the abandonment of his sick mother, according to the prosecutor’s request. Luis Estevez, which the private accusation exercised by the poet’s sister raises the maximum sentences: permanent reviewable prison and four years in prison.

The defendant, who has begun his account of the mistreatment he received from his father as a child, He has denied that he intended to kill him and has said that on the day of the events, October 14, 2018, he returned home after going out to buy bread and found his mother with a “strange color”. Since that moment, he has explained that he felt “desolate”, “like crazy”, and that he only thought of reviving her and keeping her alive, and that he got to see a spaceship that was going to pick them up from the window or balcony. both.

He has indicated that he understood that his mother had died after returning from the street to throw away dirty diapers and go for a walk, as it was then that he saw that “his arm was blue” and realized what happened to his father. According to his testimony, his father had a “happy face”, but the scene “was horrible, of total terror”, so he called 112, who do not remember well what he said, apart from the fact that he had killed his father.

Marcos José HS was not aware of the hours that passed until around four in the afternoon the next day he called 112, as he has indicated to the court, to which his lawyer, Carlos Quintana, has requested his acquittal for suffering a psychopathic disorder that has been diagnosed in prison and that he has suffered for years and for having cared for his mother with the means available to him.

The prosecutor Luis Estévez, however, in his plea has asked the Jury for a guilty verdict, because he understands that the accused has committed a murder. As stated, José Rafael Hernández was lying on his back in bed when he suffered a surprise attack and received numerous blows to the body and head without the possibility of defending himself from the accused, whom he also blamed for having his mother in a “clear situation of abandonment”, as he did not receive the necessary medical, food and hygiene care.

He has maintained that the accused did not suffer any mental alteration, has stressed that forensic experts have determined this and has indicated that he killed his father because he blamed him for the death of his mother, who was ill with Parkinson’s disease and suffered from aggressive supranuclear palsy. , among other pathologies.

The private prosecution exercised by the poet’s sister has shared the thesis of the Prosecutor’s Office but has added that the accused had planned the death of his father, with whom he was cruel with the ax. The intention of the deceased’s sister is that justice be done and avoid “staining the memory” of his brother, has indicated the lawyer Pablo Bolaños, who has also pointed out that the deceased never married the mother of his son, but he let them both live in his home.

Likewise, Bolaños has ruled out that the defendant suffered any outbursts due to the death of his mother, whom he had neglected, and the house they shared as a “dunghill”. The trial will continue this Tuesday with the beginning of the examination of the witnesses.

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