Saturday, November 27

A man in Ibiza assaults a 70-year-old neighbor who tore a piece of his ear

On that occasion, the aggressor was sentenced to three years in jail, “a sentence that he did not complete in full due to prison permits,” according to what the victim’s lawyer, Roger Sales, explained to this newspaper. jail, five years ago, the neighbor of Sant Josep assures that “he makes life impossible” every time he sees him, with constant “insults, threats and verbal attacks”. “I can’t take it anymore,” laments the victim. However, the attack on August 30 was the worst of all.

“Suddenly, the man stopped screaming and came down from his house quickly to attack my client”


Aggression in the middle of the street

The events took place in the vicinity of the house of the attacked person, who was walking along the sidewalk of the street when he began to hear the “insults and threats “from the window of the aggressor’s house, who lives in the vicinity. “Suddenly, the man stopped yelling and came quickly down from his house to attack my client,” explains Sales. The attacker pushed him from behind, threw him to the ground and began to hit him, he explains. In addition, he took money from his pocket that the attacked person carried with him, the amount of which amounted to 700 euros. “When the neighbors began to hear the screams of my client, who asked for help and shouted that they were going to kill him, they immediately called the police,” explains the lawyer. They then began to shout that the police were on their way, so the aggressor ran out with the money from the victim, who was bleeding on the ground.

“My client had to go to the hospital with different bruises, wounds and bruises “, recalls Sales, who explains that the wounds took longer to heal “due to the age of his client.” That same day, lawyer and representative they went to the National Police to file a new complaint. Two days later, the agents located the attacker and detained him. After going to court, the magistrate ruled his entry into prison on a preventive basis, where he continues today. On September 2, a hearing took place, which lasted for several days, and since there was no agreement with the indictment between the different parties, the trial was held on September 14.

“My client had to go to the hospital with different bruises, wounds and bruises”


In Sales’s experience, “as the defendant [que contaba con una orden de alejamiento contra el agredido en el momento de la agresión] continues in prison after the trial, everything indicates that the judge will determine a prison sentence. “” My client has tried to continue with his life in a stoic way despite the constant verbal attacks and threats from the accused, but it is very difficult and he is being affected on a psychological level, “laments the lawyer. For his part, the victim assures that all he wants is” to be able to go out in the street calmly “and for his daughter to be able to take her grandchildren home,” that he does not know. dares for fear that this man might attack them. ”

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