Friday, October 15

A man kills another with a knife when he was going to burn him alive in Valencia

The Civil Guard investigates the homicide.

The Civil Guard investigates the homicide.

The Civil Guard has arrested in the Valencian town of Torrella yet 47-year-old man, Jesús AB, accused of stabbing to death a 30-year-old, identified as Héctor CP, when he and a friend of his 38, also arrested, they tried to burn him alive inside his house, on the outskirts of the aforementioned municipality. The alleged perpetrator of the homicide, who warned the Civil Guard that he believed he had wounded one of the attackers, will go to the disposition of the investigating judge number 4 of Xàtiva, acting as guard.

The events happened early on Saturday, at around 7:00 a.m., when the now deceased and his partner, both with prior records, went to the house of Jesús AB, 47, with whom they had a dispute over a fact that investigators are still trying to find out.

Both of them They carried a carafe of gasoline with which they began to spray the door and the facade of the house, in the belief that the owner slept.

However, Jesús AB realized and, seeing that they tried to kill him by burning the house with him inside, blocking precisely the only place he could have fled, He took a large kitchen knife and threw it through one of the windows, just when the two attackers were at that point.

The perpetrator heard the moans and sensed that he had injured one of them, after which he asked for help by calling 112, while the two attackers escaped from the scene.

Several patrols of the Civil Guard of Xàtiva went to the place, as well as agents of the Judicial Police Team of the capital of Seville, who began the visual inspection of the house to take samples of the accelerant used, in this case, gasoline, and collect the knife, 20 centimeters long and 12 more centimeters long.

Upon learning that one of the assailants could be injured, Civil Guard agents raided the area and they found, after a while, the lifeless body of the victim, Héctor CP, lying face down in the middle of an orange grove. According to the coroner, he received a single stab in the left part of the abdomen, but very deep, for which it affected vital tissues, which caused him to fall dead when he had barely traveled a hundred meters from the house of Jesus.

After being inspected by the coroner, the judge ordered the removal of the body and its transfer to the Institute of Legal Medicine (IML) in Valencia, where an autopsy will be performed tomorrow.

At that time, the investigators detained the confessed perpetrator of the stabbing, for a crime of homicide., and hours later lthey located and arrested the second implicated, who was located at his home and charged with the crime of attempted murder.

In fact, if the trace of gasoline had been lit, it would have blocked the only possible exit from the house, which would have almost certainly caused the death of its resident, according to legal sources.

This homicide occurs only two days after three brothers killed a neighbor with machetes in the Valencian neighborhood of La Esperanza, after an argument because the victim had thrown belongings of the alleged assailants into the street. Apparently they had had numerous previous conflicts.

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