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A man sues a psychic who promised to remove a curse from his ex for $ 5,100

Man asks for 25,000 in compensatory damages, plus punitive damages

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A man named Mauro Restrepo has sued a Palos Verdes Estates, California psychic for fraud, alleging that the woman falsely promised him that she could help him in his marriage if he paid $ 5,100. so that the psychic would remove a curse that, according to her, the plaintiff’s ex-girlfriend had placed on her.

The lawsuit names psychic Sophia Adams, and her business, ‘Psychic Love Specialist by Sophia’ as defendants; the psychic’s husband, George R. Adams; his daughter, Tiffany Winston; and the clairvoyants, Christ and Polly Koutroumbis.

Other allegations in the lawsuit filed Friday include negligence, civil conspiracy and the willful and negligent infliction of emotional distress. Restrepo seeks at least $ 25,000 in compensatory damages, plus punitive damages.

Sophia Adams, is licensed for psychic services and related businesses. Run your business from a rented home in Palos Verdes Estates and introduces herself as a psychic offering insight and psychic readings, spiritual counseling and guidance, emotional healing, and other services.

Restrepo Googled psychics on September 17 and found Adams’ website, which says she is a “Doctor in Life.”

“This made the plaintiff more confident that he was talking to a professional who could help him,” the lawsuit says, according to NBC Los Angeles.

Restrepo contacted Adams and the two exchanged text messages before she told him to come to a session at her business. When he arrived, she read his tarot cards and told him that he was “unlucky.”.

This bad luck was, according to Adams, imposed on Restrepo by a witch hired by his ex-girlfriend.

Adams told Restrepo that unless Adams removed the curse, Restrepo and his family would be unhappy and in danger.

Adams said bad luck would ruin Restrepo, his children and his marriage and demanded $ 5,100 to remove the curse. Restrepo gave Adams a down payment of $ 1,000.

Despite Adams’ promises, she did not help Restrepo’s marriage in any way, the lawsuit says.

Restrepo has suffered nights of insomnia, anxiety and anguish.

The lawsuit further alleges that while they knew that Adams had allegedly used the home and her business to cause harm to others in the community, her husband, daughter, and owners have done nothing to try to stop her conduct.

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