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A Merkel minister will have to correct inaccuracies in her doctoral thesis

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The head of chancery Helge Braun, with the rank of minister and trusted person of Angela Merkel, you will not lose your doctorate, but you will have to “correct” certain “inaccuracies” discovered in your doctoral thesis. This is the conclusion of a commission of inquiry of the Justus Liebig University (JLU) of Giessen, immediately after they appeared allegations of alleged plagiarism in the German press. According to the university, which has reviewed the work, no copying, plagiarism or intent to deceive was found in the text. However, extensive testing has revealed certain incorrect details that it deems necessary to modify.

Braun defended his doctoral thesis in Medicine in 2007, entitled ‘Influence of intraoperative tachycardias on postoperative prognosis. Analysis with an anesthesia information management system ‘, in which he presented homegrown conclusions about the influence of a racing heart during an operation.

In recent weeks, the university had investigated allegations that “substantial thesis results” had previously been published in another publication. After hearing the witnesses and Braun, the commission concludes that the matter was at that time the subject of study by various working groups and values ​​Braun’s contributions as its own. “Braun independently developed and consolidated the findings of the previous publication,” has been the verdict, but given that at some points detailed individual references were missing to the previous post, there was scientific misconduct. Therefore “Braun must correct the dissertation in the affected areas and has six months to do this.” The defendant abides by the conclusion and ensures that he will take care of the pertinent changes within the established period.

Resignations for plagiarism

The Merkel Administration thus closes the last of the accusations of plagiarism that weighed on its high positions, numerous since several digital platforms have been systematically in charge of checking the academic rigor and originality of their publications. The Chancellor has personally accepted the resignation of all those who had incurred in plagiarism, the only reason for the crisis of government during her four consecutive legislatures in the cases of the Minister of Family Franziska Giffey, the Minister of Defense Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg and the Minister of Research and personal friend of the German Chancellor, Annette Schavan.

After all the affected universities opened investigations and reviews, to sanction the signatories of plagiarized works and their thesis supervisors, very prominent cases such as that of Ursula von der Leyen ended without consequences.

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