Thursday, May 26

A minor abuses his ex-girlfriend and threatens to spread a sex video

An image of a National Police vehicle

An image of a National Police vehicle

A 16-year-old teenager has been arrested in Valencia for harassing and physically and psychologically abusing his ex-girlfriend, only 15 years old, who was beaten in the presence of witnesses and harassed by urinating on the girl’s motorcycle helmet. Besides, the threatened to spread a sex video on social media in which both appear and that was supposedly recorded without the consent of the victim, with whom he was in a dating relationship at the time.

The National Police has qualified the victim’s status as “high risk”. This, together with the violent history of the minor, who already starred in a serious incident at the institute after threatening a teacher with a cutter in the neck, has led to his immediate confinement in a juvenile center in a closed regime, at the request of the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office.

In just one week the victim came to present up to three complaints against her ex-boyfriend for harassing and mistreating her. In the last of them, filed at the Marítim police station last Saturday, she recounted an episode the day before in which the teenager threatened her again in front of a friend when both minors were quietly sitting on a bench in a park in the capital. from Túria.

Agents of the National Police summoned him to go to the police station and proceeded to arrest him accused of crimes of violence against women, sexual abuse —For some touching to the minor carried out at the end of January when they were no longer a couple— and for the threats towards the minor.

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The 16-year-old minor arrested, of Algerian origin, has numerous records despite his young age, including robbery with violence, injuries and threats. In fact, at the time of allegedly committing the mistreatment, he already had pending three measures of probation that he was breaching.

Thus, after taking a statement from the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office, where the alleged abuser denied all the accusations, the judge agreed to his confinement in a closed regime in a juvenile center. Likewise, a restraining order was issued that prohibits him from approaching less than 300 meters from his victim and communicating with her in any way, including the messages he sent through various false profiles on social networks.

Arrested for abusing a young woman in the doorway of her house on the beach of San Juan

The Alicante Local Police arrested a man who had just trying to sexually assault a 19-year-old girl in the portal from his house on the beach of San Juan. The events occurred around 5:00 p.m. last Friday when the young woman was returning home. The suspect would have been following her since she got off the TRAM to its urbanization. Several neighbors, including the victim’s father, pursued the aggressor and held him until the local police arrived.

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