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A miss from Nicaragua and a former anti-Sandinista guerrilla team up to confront Ortega

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The main Nicaraguan opposition party, Citizens for Freedom Alliance (ACxL), has presented this Wednesday a peculiar tandem to confront the Sandinista regime that governs the country with an iron fist. If this new proposal is not stopped by the Ortega government, like the six presidential candidates who are behind bars, Oscar Sobalvarro, former commander of the Nicaraguan resistance, and Berenice Quezada, winner of Miss Nicaragua four years ago, they could hold the positions of president of the Central American country and vice president, respectively.

Without a doubt, this is a risky bet for the political duo, as highlighted Kitty Monterrey, president of the party. Arturo Cruz, Juan Sebastián Chamorro and Noel Vidaurre, three candidates to preside over this formation, have suffered the repression of the regime that reigns in the Central American nation when they were arrested. One of the examples that represents the repression that is being exercised against possible candidates are the Pedro Joaquín Chamorro Barrios has been detained for 33 days, founder of the party now led by the former military chief of the Resistance – who faced the Sandinista government in an eight-year struggle with the Sandinista government – and the former beauty queen, who works as a tourist professional.

“Here I am standing up for all the young people who are imprisoned”

“I invite everyone to come out to vote because it is our right,” exclaimed the vice president candidate at the presentation. Despite confessing that he was “shaking,” he admitted that he knew “what he was getting into.” “Here I am standing up for all the young people who are imprisoned,” Quezada confessed.

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Miss Nicaragua 2017 has won three titles for Best National Costume abroad and set out to create her own company when she finished the beauty contest that made her famous in her country, when she was barely 23 years. Four years later, his plans have changed in a risky first foray into politics.

The only opposition group that has dared to confront Ortega stated that with the support of the electorate they can achieve change in Nicaragua. They have until August to register both candidates, something that their peers have not been able to do because of the systematic arrests of the president of Nicaragua. The objective of Ortega himself with the use of these tools is to be able to present himself to the November 7 elections In solitary.

Almost 30 politicians and journalists critical of the Ortega regime, in power since 2007, have been detained. After his third term, this repressive wave could augur his presidential tenure, which adds 15 years leading the Central American country. The six presidential candidates Cristiana Chamorro, Arturo Cruz, Félix Maradiaga, Juan Sebastián Chamorro, Miguel Mora and Medardo Mairena were arrested. Two other possible candidates to preside over Nicaragua, Luis Fley and María Asunción Moreno, they chose to go into exile due to the threats they received about their possible entry into prison. The OAS, the United Nations and several human rights organizations have called for the release of political prisoners arrested on the grounds of treason.

The case of Moreno’s exile

The Nicaraguan Prosecutor’s Office has addressed Moreno on multiple occasions, accusing her of not appearing, despite the fact that the Public Ministry has not argued the charges for those who claimed it. “Faced with harassment, persecution and the threat of imprisonment,” María Asunción Moreno, another of the presidential candidates, decided to go into exile in the face of her possible and imminent arrest. Nicaraguan politics denounced that 30 policemen, in the early morning of July 24, raided his house, violently destroying its entrance, despite being allowed to enter. “They beat and threatened the people who were in the place” without having personal ties with the victim. In addition, his private car was stolen.

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