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A Netanyahu cornered by the prosecution denounces an attempted “coup” in Israel




Benjamin Netantayahu He has two open fronts that threaten his future as Prime Minister of Israel. In the courtroom, the Prosecutor’s Office spoke loud and clear about his «serious case of corruption“And the conservative leader attacked responded by accusing the Justice of” attempted coup “against him. Regarding politics, and despite being the most voted leader in the last elections, the president Reuven Rivlin He opened the process of consultations with the parties to designate a candidate for the formation of a government and, after the meetings, he certified that the blockade is being maintained and regretted that “I don’t see a way to form a coalition.” Personal differences weigh too much and no one is able to reach the 61 seats needed to form a government.

The streets near the court where the Likud leader is being tried for three corruption offenses once again showed the sharp division between his supporters and detractors. On one side, a large banner read ‘Crime Minister’, on the other banners with the slogan “King Bibi” (affectionate nickname to refer to the politician). This time Netanyahu had to go to the courtroom in the first session of the evidence presentation phase and heard the Prosecutor’s Office denounce the «serious case of corruption of the regime“And accuse him of” using his great powers in a prohibited way. ”

Of the three open cases, the so-called Case 4000 was dealt with, which is considered the most serious. Netanyahu faces charges of bribery, fraud and breach of trust after pressing to ensure favorable information coverage for him and his wife on Walla, a news portal owned by Shaul Elovitch, the main shareholder of Bezeq, the telecommunications giant in the country. . In exchange for this favorable media treatment, he would have pushed regulations for Elovitch.

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Prosecutor Liat Ben-Ari assured that the leader abused his powers “as a legislator and as a regulator to provoke or try cause a media outlet to report in a different way than he would have done it, just to promote his personal interests. ” Netanyahu listened to the Prosecutor’s Office, but he left the courtroom before it was the turn of Ilan Yehoshua, former CEO of Walla and the first witness to appear since the beginning of the process, to testify. Yehoshua confirmed the pressures, adding that Netanyahu was nicknamed Kim, in memory of the North Korean dictator, and declared before the judges that “we were a website that did what the prime minister’s office told us to do.”

Political blockade

To the problems with justice, Netanyahu adds the political blockade suffered by the country, which could provoke a fifth election. After the first round of contacts launched by Rivlin, Netanyahu obtained 52 recommendations from four different parties and Yair Lapid, 45 from five formations. None exceeded the 61 seats required, but the president could designate Netanyahu as a candidate to form a government since his party, Likud, was the most voted in the last elections. The designated candidate has 28 days to form a government, a period that the president can extend by 14 days.

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