Saturday, February 24

A new and visible breach in the Government due to prostitution endangers the ‘law of yes is yes’



Twenty-four hours after giving the green light to the draft bill on Abortion, which has raised so many blisters among the government partners, today the division is more than open between PSOE and United We Can on account of another Equality law: that of ‘yes it is Yes’. This afternoon in the Equality Commission this strong discrepancy will be presented regarding an amendment presented by the PSOE against the law of the team of Irene Montero, because the socialists want to process the abolition of prostitution in the same regulations. In fact, his amendment proposes to toughen the articles relating to the third location, that is, punish with higher prison sentences those who run hostesses. Podemos is opposed, and the members of the parliamentary left, with a more regulationist ideology than the purple formation, are even more forceful and threaten to drop the law in its final processing.

For this reason, what sources consulted in the purple formation and also in the Equality team fear is that the PSOE negotiates and agrees with the popular vote jointly the socialist amendment, which means amending the ‘law of yes is yes’ and take it to the Plenary the next week for its parliamentary vote. So, neither Podemos nor Bildu, ERC or Junts nor the Mixed Group would support that regulation as it would be, and would drop it. Is the law in danger? Minister Montero has spoken this morning in the corridors of Congress really “concerned” about the processing that this law may follow and about the attitude of the Socialists. Some sources consulted also believe that the PSOE will finally give up positions and will not process Pedro Sánchez’s promise at the XIV Federal Congress held in Valencia to end prostitution and its illegal situation in the country in the current legislature within the sexual law.

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Sources from United We Can insist on remembering that the Equality team itself has drawn up a second law, the Trafficking Law, to combat all forms of sexual exploitation and that the position of the parties regarding the debate on prostitution also enters there. For this reason, they do not understand why the PSOE insists on including it in the law of sexual guarantees or law of consent. Podemos has also ceded positions in its own internal pulse with its white marks, such as the common ones, which are in favor of the regularization of prostitution, because they consider that there are women who exercise it voluntarily and without coercion and cannot be persecuted in your activity.

Sources from the purple parliamentary group have indicated this morning that the PSOE will have a very difficult time explaining why the law does not pass due to its filibustering and they consider that they continue to be upset that the weight of the Government’s feminist policies falls on the purple wing. “The PSOE demonstrates a drive to wear down all the Ministries of United We Can”, especially that of Equality, they have accused with visible anger.

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