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A new association is presented to the elections of the field

Image of the last elections to the field, held on March 12, 2017. / TODAY

The five candidacies of the agrarian organizations that will opt for the Agrarian Advisory Council of Extremadura on May 8 have already been published in the DOE

On May 8, the agrarian organizations will be able to choose to form part of the Agrarian Advisory Council of Extremadura. But, as in the last rural elections, in 2017, they must first present their candidacies, which are processed and accepted. For this reason, this Friday, April 8, the candidacies admitted in the electoral procedure have been published in the DOE.

There have been five agricultural professional organizations that have been admitted: Union of Small Farmers and Ranchers – Union of Extremeños Farmers, with the acronym «UPA-UCE Extremadura»; Agrarian Coordinator of Extremadura, with the acronym “Agrarian Coordinator”, the COAG; Union of Farmers and Ranchers of Extremadura, with the acronym “La Unión”; the coalition formed by the Professional Association of Farmers and Stockbreeders of Extremadura, Young Farmers and Stockbreeders, and the Professional Association of Farmers and Stockbreeders – Agricultural Association of Young Farmers of Cáceres, with the acronym “Asaja” and, finally, the new association Aequum Agrum , with the initials “AA”

Aseprex does not show up

The Extremadura Primary Sector Association (Aseprex), known for the figure of its president, Juan Francisco Chamorro, has not presented its candidacy for the field elections. After “weighing it up”, the organization has decided to remain on the sidelines to “continue fighting for their interests, but without ever neglecting their work on the field, by acquiring other responsibilities.”

Chamarro himself believes that Aseprex’s claim is to “be able to contribute its point of view about the problems of the field or be listened to in the decisions that are made in this regard”, without the need to be constituted as a professional agrarian organization.

“We are farm workers and we want to continue living off our own and, otherwise, it would require more dedication,” he says. On the other hand, the intention of this association is to “remain independent and not be tied to anyone, because everyone who enters, in some way, accommodates and is bought.”

In the same way, Chamorro indicates that they will continue “putting money from our pocket to develop the actions they undertake without depending on public money, so it is important to continue adding new partners.” From his position, he assures him, “we will continue to push the professional agrarian organizations to move”.


It should be remembered that, in accordance with the provisions of article 49.1 of Organic Law 5/1985, of June 19, of the General Electoral Regime, the persons representing the candidacies proclaimed, or whose proclamation had been denied, have a period of two days computed from the publication of this April 8 to file an appeal against this agreement before the Contentious-Administrative Court of Mérida, in accordance with the provisions of article 8.5 of Law 29/1998, of 13 of July, regulating the Contentious-administrative Jurisdiction. In the same act of interposition, they inform from the Junta de Extremadura, “they must present the allegations that they deem pertinent accompanied by the appropriate evidence.”

When will the field elections be?

Thus, five years after the last rural elections held in 2017, on May 8 -fifty-seven calendar days from the start date of the electoral procedure- the renewal and election of the people will be voted on. elected members who will form part of the new Agrarian Advisory Council of Extremadura, according to the provisions of Law 6/2015, of March 24.

In accordance with the provisions of article 306 of Law 6/2015 of March 24, the Agrarian Law of Extremadura, the constituency to hold the electoral procedure will be unique.

Regarding the legal regime related to the right to vote, the regularization of voting by mail, the scrutiny of the votes, results, as well as the allocation of positions and all those issues that have a direct or indirect impact on the electoral process, it will be applied Organic Law 5/1985, of June 19, on the General Electoral Regime, and the regulations that develop it.

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