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A new caravan in Mexico, with more than 5,000 migrants, demands justice for the Texas tragedy

Correspondent in Mexico City



From Tapachulaa city on the border with Guatemala in southwestern Mexico, left at three in the morning on Monday -to avoid high temperatures- a new protest caravan headed for the United States that will stop previously in Mexico City, to demand their rights. Some 5,000 migrants seek to reach the northern border with the United States, despite the fact that security has been reinforced after the discovery last Monday of 53 dead inside the truck trailer in San Antonio, Texas, just 250 kilometers from the border.

The expedition, like the migrants found in the heavy vehicle, is made up of pregnant women, about 400, and a thousand children, including babies.

Precisely, this caravan demands justice for the dramatic American case that occurred last Monday, June 27, and which was caused by the lack of ventilation coupled with temperatures of 40 ºC in a closed metal frame that led to the suffocation of more than fifty people. migrants fleeing their home countries plagued by poverty and violence. If on that occasion the group was made up mostly of Mexicans, among whom 27 deaths were recorded (in addition to seven Guatemalans and 14 Hondurans), the new convoy is made up of Venezuelans, Haitians, and even Africans and Asians, and also Mexicans, who travel along the coastal highway in the direction of the customs clearance in Huixtla, Chiapas.

prevent another massacre

Since 2018, when these massive walks began, they have taken on an increasingly vindictive aspect as a form of protest. On this occasion, they demand decent conditions to travel safely and avoid a massacre like the one in Texas. Their request for rights involves pressuring government authorities to provide them with a humanitarian corridor to Nuevo Leóna state that almost borders the US border without touching the northern country, only in one municipality.

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A Venezuelan migrant, Jonathan Enrique Avila He has assured that they are willing to raise enough money among the walkers to pay for the gasoline of the vehicles that they provide while imploring the Mexican authorities to “protect them on the roads” because it is a “peaceful march.” “What we need is to get out of Tapachula, because we are all sleeping on the ground under the roof of the park, where there are sick children and women,” he says. Hilbert Silva, another migrant fleeing the Venezuelan dictatorship. The migrants themselves affirm that, although the caravan registers five thousand participants, it can be increased by two thousand more who request their documents to undertake the long journey to the United States. Earlier this month, an unprecedented caravan of 15,000 migrants also left Tapachula with the slogan: “We are not criminals, we are workers,” accompanied by cries for “freedom, freedom.”

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