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A new edition of the Fund Go! will give a boost to SMEs in Extremadura in 2022

business solidarity. Large companies and institutions will be able to help others thanks to the second edition of this program created by HOY

The year 2020 will remain the year the world stopped, the year of resistance and accelerated business transformation. In 2021 we continue to overcome an unprecedented crisis that little by little strengthens the business fabric of the region. An ‘all to one’ that is repositioning us. With the entry of 2022, new challenges arise that activate, once again, the need for collaboration to be able to grow together and finally save some very complex years. For this reason, with the aim of making Extremaduran companies unstoppable and able to overcome the economic crisis as a result of the pandemic, the newspaper HOY gives continuity to the GO Fund!

This initiative locates strategic and emerging sectors that should contribute to the growth of Extremadura; seeks formulas to promote and provide these companies with the maximum value in their dissemination, increasing their strength and results and plans to double the number of beneficiaries we reach in 2021.

The Fund Go! of 2021 will always be linked to the year of the declaration of the state of alarm, at which time the country was paralyzed to try to contain the SARS-CoV-2 virus. At that time, hundreds of businesses saw their incomes considerably reduced or had to close forever, because the regional economy was in a very difficult situation.

In 2022, and with the premise of continuing to help reactivate the business fabric of Extremadura, Diario HOY considers how it could put its portfolio of communication and marketing solutions at the service of SMEs. And so the GO! Fund was born, which consists of four important pillars. First of all, Diario HOY will provide six programs to relaunch and promote companies with activity in Extremadura. These are sets of initiatives, tools and practical and real solutions, aimed at promoting the economy. Each program will be unique, will respond to its perimeter of action and will respond to the specific problems of the sector, which this year will be: Renewable energies and sustainability; Domotization of the field and the agri-food industry; smart tourism; Health; Professionalization of the hotel industry and Transformation and professionalization of SMEs.

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The Fund Go! 2022 the participants are companies, entities, foundations or public institutions that contribute an economic amount, destined to the six programs of the fund. In addition, there are collaborating institutions and companies that also provide their help. The beneficiaries of this fund will be the self-employed, small or medium-sized companies in each of the sectors chosen by the Fund’s management committee.

Thanks to the economic contribution of the participant and the collaborator, the beneficiary will enjoy communication advice and special rates for advertising contracts. Throughout the year we will be publishing, both on these pages and on, interviews or information on these initiatives, in order to make them known to readers and promote local consumption.

external auditor

In the same way, for the greater peace of mind of all the actors of the GO! Fund, an external professional, of recognized prestige and independent, will issue an audit report that will verify the programs, the contributions of the participants, the purpose that has been given to the same, the decisions executed by the Management Committee and the degree of satisfaction of the beneficiaries.

Some firms and institutions such as
Regional Government of Extremadura, Badajoz Provincial Council, Cáceres Provincial Council, Iberdrola, Cristian Lay, Civitas Pacensis, Laura Otero, Bodegas López Morenas, Sánchez Trancón and Reale Seguros They have already given their consent to be present in this business solidarity program, since now is the time for the large institutions and companies from Extremadura to get involved to help the smallest. In addition, other firms are in the process of joining this initiative.

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In this way, the Fund GO! It will be a powerful reality in Extremadura and will make it possible for the economy to circulate and for everyone to grow together, thanks to the multiplier effect of the aid.

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