Wednesday, December 1

A new office centralizes in Elche the aid to rehabilitate buildings and access a home

The general director of Institutional Coordination of the Department of Housing, Marc Aparici, met today with the Councilor for Equality, Social Rights and Inclusive Policies of Elche, Mariano Valera, and the Councilor for Urban Planning, Ana Arabid, to advance on this issue . All three have visited the Altabix social center, where this office is currently located.

On August 11, the agreement was signed between the two administrations to make this office a reality, which will be part of the Xaloc network, a collaborating body of the Generalitat and a comprehensive service of management, information, social mediation and advice on housing, rehabilitation of buildings and urban regeneration.

Marc Aparici has assured that the citizens of Elche and Baix Vinalopó “deserve to have a single office where they can access all the resources related to access to housing and rehabilitation”. Likewise, it considers that the opening of the Xaloc office is “a step towards the total municipalization of housing policies in the Valencian Country”.

Mariano Valera, for his part, has pointed out that “the historical trajectory of the work carried out by the social housing offices now includes the reinforcement of the Department of Urban Planning with its technicians and of the Generalitat Valenciana to generate actions that improve the quality of life of the illicit and illicit women and propose decent housing and housing alternatives ”.

Ana Arabid, whose council provides solutions and urban advice to the project, stressed that “it is an important commitment to refound and unify all management that has to do with housing, both from a social and urban perspective. In addition to improving citizen service by offering comprehensive solutions in these two fields, we will be able to decentralize the management of the urban planning offices from the Urban Planning offices. grants rehabilitation. ”

The development of these actions by the Second Vice Presidency requires immediacy and proximity to citizens. To achieve greater efficiency and more direct attention, it is necessary to entrust the management, information, social mediation and advice to local entities.

In the case of Elche, it is a municipality that has sufficient management capacity to carry out the activities and services of the Generalitat in terms of housing and urban regeneration. Hence the implementation of this agreement with the City Council, which will have an investment of 178,576 euros by the Second Vice-Presidency.

The agreement establishes the activities that are entrusted to the City Council and that are organized in various service units: one-stop shop for housing, building rehabilitation and urban regeneration; habitat management unit; housing tenure protection unit; and the Local Housing Observatory unit.

For its part, the Consistory undertakes to have a Xaloc office, indicate in a visible place the opening hours to the public, participate in the training and coordination activities and in the information campaigns that are carried out. They will also have to have the forms and technical, informative and informative material of the Department of Housing and Bioclimatic Architecture, keep track of individual inquiries, information campaigns carried out and any other action that may be accounted for.

Likewise, they will have to actively participate in the design and implementation of the Xaloc program and also in the documents, platforms or procedures necessary for its proper functioning. At the end of the agreement, a detailed report will be presented with the services provided.

For its part, the Department undertakes to guarantee thetechnical and logistical support in the office that integrates the program for the correct development of the entrusted activities and to exercise the functions of coordination with the consistory.

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