Wednesday, December 2

A new protest collapses the center of Alicante

A protest from the hospitality sector has collapsed the center of Alicante this morning. More than 200 vehicles travel the main streets of the city in a new protest action against the restrictive measures on the sector decreed by the Generalitat Valenciana, which were increased last Friday with a new limitation of capacity. Meanwhile, nightlife has been closed by decree since the middle of August.

The caravan of vehicles started after 10:20 am from the promenade between the port and Postiguet beach. Sounding their horns and holding protest signs, cars, trucks and motorcycles crossed the Paseo del los Mártires (parallel to the Explanada) towards Avenida de Loring, to turn off by Óscar Espla towards Avenida de la Estación. There, on a street near the Provincial Council, representatives of the three associations in the sector (Apeha, Alroa and Ara) had planned to register a letter with the provincial delegation of the State Public Employment Service (SEPE). A big banner at the gates of the Provincial Council and at that point the march has stopped. After a 10-minute break, the march to Alfonso el Sabio resumed.

Between the requests included in the document include extending the validity of the ERTE at least until May 9, the deadline for the state of alarm decreed by the Government of Spain; urgently activate the single payment of all the files paralyzed due to errors made by the SEPE in the payment of ERTE and pending monthly payments; establish unified criteria for the application and interpretation of the different types of ERTE; recover in ERTE the exemptions of 100% of the contributions of the workers affected by the closure; facilitate the processing of new ERTEs and make the documentation requirement more flexible for their immediate management. In addition, they also demand the suspension of the payment of the self-employed for the catering and leisure sector, of personal income tax settlements, of payments on account of Corporation Tax, along with measures to coordinate the actions of the Ministries of Health, Economy , Finance, Work or Tourism and an “ambitious” plan of economic aid aimed at the leisure, restaurant and entertainment sector.

The march through the streets of Alicante, which joins other claims close to time such as protests before the Government Sub-delegation, the Casa de las Brujas (headquarters of the Generalitat in the province) and the Alicante City Council, continues by Alfonso el Sabio, La Rambla and Calle Gerona, with the aim of ending in front of the provincial headquarters of the Conselleria de Sanidad. An important police deployment accompanies the march during its journey through the central streets of Alicante.


A protest by the hotel industry collapses the center of Alicante

Final straight for municipal aid

This Thursday, November 12, will be the last day to make an appointment to apply for aid to the hospitality and trade sector promoted by the Alicante City Council. Formal requests can be registered, always with an appointment, until this Friday. This call allows freelancers and small companies with up to 15 workers to access subsidies of between 750 and 2,000 euros.

To be eligible for the aid, the applicant must have had a loss of income in the economic activity of at least 40% in the third quarter of 2020, compared to the same period of the year of 2019. This requirement, according to many hoteliers, will prevent a large part of the premises from being eligible for aid as they coincide with the only months of the pandemic in which they have been able to maintain activity with some normality. Between the obligations who sign up to receive the aid is to maintain economic activity during the six months after it was granted and 65% of the workforce for the same period as of October 1, 2020.

These grants, for a global amount of one million euros, are compatible with the previous five million of the City Council paid in August and with those of the Generalitat, but not with the latest promoted by the Department of Hospitality and Commerce, subsidized by the Provincial Council.

The concession Aid will be made directly between applicants until the available credit is exhausted. If it is exceeded, it will be distributed among the applicants by lottery.

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