Tuesday, August 3

A pedophile who hacked the domestic cameras of more than 70 families arrested in Benidorm

The agents found thousands of recordings from countries such as Brazil, the United States, the United Kingdom or Canada, among others. Children, often naked, appear in almost all of these illegal recordings. Regarding Spanish users, the investigation procedures will be able to identify those located in Spain.

It was also discovered that he recorded, on at least one occasion, the children to whom he gave tutorials, without their being aware, tried to obtain images of her underwear. These victims will also be able to be identified.

The same analysis made it possible to detect that he has sexually harassed, through the Internet, at least eleven children who accessed video chats, whom he recorded naked and sometimes even threatened. Finally, data has been obtained that can help identify one of the victims who uploaded to TOR and who gave rise to this investigation. The detainee continues in preventive detention, to whom the agents intervened printed documentation, eight hard drives, two USB sticks, two mobile phones and a laptop.

The investigations began when agents from Task Force Argos, a department of the Queensland State Police (Australia) specialized in the prosecution of this type of crime, found sexual images of what they suspected was a Pacific area child, although their analysis suggested that they had been modified and uploaded from Spain. The National Police then began a process of close collaboration with Australian agents to try to identify and arrest the person responsible.

Tracking of the user who had uploaded such content showed that he was using different names in a variety of hidden pedophile forums. The meticulous analysis and intelligence work to recompose the author’s movements and the study of his comments on the dark web allowed him to be identified. It was an individual who had already been arrested when he was a minor for acts of the same nature.

The specialists of the National Police discovered that, in addition, she offered herself as a babysitter at home and, taking advantage of her British nationality, she worked as a private teacher of English. This work allowed him to have at least ten students, which triggered the alarms of the agents, making the decision to proceed with their arrest.

Once its location in Benidorm was achieved, despite the lack of total collaboration of the investigated and the powerful security measures that it had implemented, enough evidence was found that proved the authorship of the investigated facts, since there were abundant handwritten annotations hidden with their user names and techniques that they developed, trying to avoid leaving any digital evidence that could be the subject of a hack or that the Police could access them.

During the diligence, the agents found some images of sexual abuse, as well as traces of the use of cryptocurrencies and money transfers to Romania through people involved in the prostitution of minors, for which this fact was communicated to the authorities of that country .

Subsequently, it was discovered that the detainee had organized a system for the sale of child pornography. It was advertised in places where consumers of this type of material go to contact him. To those who did, he offered novel material that he obtained on the deep Internet in exchange for payments in bitcoins or through the exchange of material of abuses that the clients themselves committed on children. It also acted as an intermediary between producers and consumers, charging a commission for it.

Regarding the three children whose novel images he had released, it turned out that he was responsible for the harassment of one of them. It was determined that the detainee was hired by an adult who knew the victim to obtain sexual images of her, at a rate of $ 80 per photo. The other two, according to the evidence obtained, he obtained as part of his exchange business.


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