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«A pending subject has been approved with a note: giving written form to the most recent history of El campello»

– What does it mean for El Campello and its neighbors that “The trip of El Campello: 120 years of municipality, millennia of history”? What sentimental value does it bring?

Editing this book, magnificently documented by the prestigious history researcher Gerardo Muñoz Lorente, is for El Campello pass a pending subject with a grade, which was to give written form to our most recent history, specifically the one that has elapsed since our segregation of Alicante on April 18, 1901 until today.

It is the first book of its kind, and in it there are hundreds of names of campelleros and campelleras that have stood out over more than a century, which accounts for the sentimental value of the work, of which all of us who live here are protagonists, because together we have carved this reality. These are characters that the author has wanted to highlight, with our seamless applause, because the merit of El Campello has gone in 120 years from being a village of a handful of inhabitants to a prosperous town that already has 30,000 registered, with a past worth remembering, a prosperity present and a future from which we all expect many things.

A welcoming and hospitable town, which has gone from living from agriculture and fishing to developing hand in hand with the tourism, an industry that has brought us many benefits, a lot of progress and a lot of well-being. That has led us to build a community made up of many people Arrivals from all the Spanish autonomous communities, to which dozens of foreign nationalities are added … all welcome, in perfect harmony, and who with full rights feel proud of being campelleros and campelleras.

“Months later the commission is a happy reality”

– How did the editing process of this work come about?

It arises from the idea of ​​commemorating in some way our 120 years of independence as a people. We knew the work of Gerardo Muñoz through dozens of books and the articles published every week in INFORMATION, in which he stands out for recover aspects of history and forgotten characters… And that was precisely what we wanted.

If we add to that that Gerardo is a member of the Valencian Council of Culturea and member of the Collegiate Association of Writers of Spain, and we knew about the attraction it has always had for El Campello … because it came all rolled. He accepted, and months later the commission is a happy reality.

– What historical significance does all the documentation shown in this book have for the municipality?

Already in the act of presentation of the book I wanted to publicly thank the writer for his decision to donate to the municipality their historiographical notes, information that historians usually reserve for themselves because it is the fruit of months and months of work, to consult documents, to locate files, to read and re-read newspaper archives, to dive into archives, to consult bibliographies and to interview many people. It is the essence of his work, in which he indicates number of files and files, pages and other data that researchers get.

“All the historiographical documentation is already in our Municipal Archive, where it can be consulted by any interested party”

This vital information is already in our Municipal Archive, where it can be consulted by anyone interested, and may soon be completed with other donations, also thanks to Gerardo Muñoz. I note that the Municipal Archive of El Campello it is relatively young (in historical terms, a baby), because we were born as a municipality in 1901, which explains why most of our history is kept in the Municipal Archive of Alicante, which I thank as mayor and as countryman for the facilities that you have put in place for the author to carry out his work.

– Referring to the title of the work, how does the municipality live its 120 years? Do you have any activity designed for its celebration, within what sanitary restrictions allow?

The neighbors have welcomed the work very well, and are looking forward to having a copy to read. The calls are repeated daily reserving the book at the kiosks. We are in a pandemic, including curfew and restrictions of all kinds.

We have not been able to present the book in a massive way as it deserved, with an auditorium full of neighbors, but we are going to try to make the publication reach the largest number of homes in the country. And there plays a fundamental role the newspaper INFORMATION, what will distribute for free to your readers. Unfortunately, circumstances prevent celebrations, but all this will pass and we will have time to organize an event when we regain normalcy.

Act of presentation of the book HÉCTOR FUENTES

– How has El Campello evolved in its economy, its inhabitants, its shops … until today? If you had to define it with an adjective, what would it be?

The evolution of El Campello in 120 years has been surprising, worthy of study. From just 300 inhabitants to 30,000 gives an account of the quantitative and qualitative leap that we have taken, especially in the last 15-20 years, in which we have attended a veritable avalanche of families who have chosen our people to settle.

If you allow me the expression, something will have the water when they bless it. Millennia ago, the people of the Stone Age already discovered us, and very diverse civilizations settled on our land.

That remains today: who discovers us, repeats, which is the fundamental thing. And if he can, he stays. How to define that with an expression? Well … we will be doing something right.

“El Campello has gone in 120 years from being a village with few inhabitants to a prosperous town with 30,000 registered, with a past worth remembering”

– What challenges do you have ahead for the next few years?

As many as dreams we have each and every one of us who live here. A city, a town, large or small, always demands things, from services to endowments. We are permanently building the municipality, and no matter how much we accelerate, new needs arise to attend to. We have been involved in this work for 120 years, and we will continue like this for much longer, because it is really worth it, because we are proud of what we have achieved, and because we deserve it.

INFORMATION gives away 500 copies on May 15

Through the printed edition of INFORMATION will be delivered free 500 copies of the book «The trip of El Campello: 120 years of municipality, millennia of history». The City Council of the municipality and this newspaper offer the book that for the first time collects the full story from El Campello.

Includes all population censuses and all urban development in El Campello. Also photographs, plans, newspaper library … and graphics made by the author himself.

On May 2 you can get the card, Y May 3 to 8 will be available all five coupons, delivering the book on May 15.

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