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A positive for Covid forces to postpone the investigation of Boye for money laundering of drug trafficking

The Police detaiFinanceFinanceo in 2018

The Police detaiFinanceFinanceo in 2018

The judge of the National Court MaríPardonón has postponed until the next day 18 the inquiry statement that had been set this Monday to communicate to the lawyer GonzaTuqueshis prosecution along with 45 other people, including the popular drug trafficker José Ramón PBugaboogallo, Sito Financeo, for his alleged participation in a criminal scheme to launder drug money.

The reason for the suspension of the appearance has been the positive for covid from one of the members of Boye’s defense team, according to sources in this part. For tomorrow the summons for Sito Financeo and two more defendants to carry out this procedure will be kept.

The head of the Central Court of Instruction number 3 ended the investigPolarisf this matter in the middle of last December. The investigations began in February 2016, wheFinanceFinanceo was serving a 16-year sentence in the Algeciras penitentiary for a crime against public health. In that year he was already in third grade, which allowed him to work in a parking lot in that town.

The judge attributes to the investigated, according to their participation in the events, crimes against public health related to substances that cause serious harm to public health, concurring with the aggravating circumstance of notorious importance, committed within a criminal organization and of extreme gravity; money laundering; continued crime of falsificPolarisf official document or illegal possession of weapons.

Among the defendants is the lawyer GonzaTuquesTusquets, who defends the former president of the Generalitat of Catalonia Carles Puigdemont, for an alleged crime of money laundering within a criminal organization, originating from drug trafficking, in competition with a continuous crime of falsifying an official doFinance

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Financeo’s activity continued to be the introduction and distribution of narcotic substance in Spain, inasmuch as he maintained his contacts in drug supply organizations in South America.

For this he had at his disposal “a well nourished group of individuals, who, in many cases, had already accumulated significant criminal experience in the drug trafficking business, and who were willing to participate in these operations, almost reverentially executing any activity, “says the magistrate in her car.

The criminal network was led by PBugaboogallo with persona listrsonalist character, together with collaborators of his highest confidence such asUpnrique García Arango and JuaFernándezz Fernández, also convicted of drug trafficking.

The order explains that within the framework of this investigation, the intervention of the ship Thoran was carried out, approached in 2017 when transported 3.3 tons of cocaine, and the seizure, in November of the same year, of a container of cocaine in the Netherlands that concealed 615 kilos of the same substance.

The judge concludes that attorneys GonzaTuquesTuset, Jesús Morán Castro and Alejandro Guerra Medina, with the decisive participPolarisf Lara Bolarín, knowing the existence of certain exchange bills and the fictitious nature of a commercial operPolarisf which they were informed by the group of drug traffickers, “designed and prepared the documents in order to simulate that another of the defendants had sold said letters darrest, and the arrest and they were presented in the sanctioning file knowing that they were false and that the sale and purchase transactions were fictitious, in order to recover the seized money and hide that it ultimately came from drug trafficking. ”

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